Posts for the month of April 2016

YAM moved to GitHub...

The YAM developer team is proud to announce that the YAM source code including the complete ticket/issue management of YAM has been moved over to GitHub ( and is now available under the following URL:

By using the collaborative resources of GitHub including the possibility to submit pull requests will help to attract more developers or other people interested in submitting changes directly to our source code repository. In addition, it will provide more possibilities to create a better build environment.

Please note that we also moved all old tickets over to GitHub ( and that we enabled GitHub driven user authentication for our support website. So if login into our webpage to be able to actually change web pages, please make sure to use your GitHub credentials in future.

We are looking forward to receiving your bug- and feature requests in future through GitHub. So if you would like to collaborate in submitting your bug reports or enhancement requests please make sure to do so using our GitHub development pages.