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YAM 2.5 released!

The YAM (Yet Another Mailer) open source development team is pleased to announce the immediate release of its stable 2.5 version. After nearly 5 years of constant, restless development, the 2.5 version is the currently most stable and most advanced version of the famous Amiga e-mail suite.

The 2.5 version, apart from very important bug fixes, comes with a largely enhanced user interface with new capabilities like, e.g. an embedded read pane functionality to directly read e-mails without having to open separate read windows. Or even a new search bar allows to quickly search for e-mails or sort them according to predefined categories. Furthermore, YAM was largely reworked internally to perform not only more securely and less cumbersomely. It also comes with important technical enhancements like non-blocking I/O based socket connections allowing the GUI to become more responsive or improved compatibility to common internet standards (RFC). In addition, large internal reworks were performed to be able to implement features like IMAP support or native HTML mail display in one of the next versions.

Therefore, we are indeed very happy to supply you this stable 2.5 release not only right before Christmas, but also right before we are going to start on working on some more interesting things in the upcoming year.

Enjoy the 2.5 version and happy yamming…

Your YAM Open Source Team


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