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Dear YAM users and developers,

as recently announced on the main YAM user mailing list, I have now finalized the switch of all mailing lists previously located and run via to an own Mailman-based mailing list software running on the same site/server as the yam homepage. This should finally allow us to have a better fine grained control of the behavior of the various yam mailing lists. In addition, all mailing lists are now using the official domain as well. Therefore, the following three YAM-related mailing lists exist and are available for all interested YAM users/developers now:

yam-user@… – YAM user mailing list
yam-dev@… – YAM developer mailing list
svn@… – special mailing list to receive YAM-related commit/status messages

In addition, there exists now a global web-based management page available via

This website allows all users to manage their subscriptions, to read/browse all previous postings to the mailing lists and serves as a general information page about YAM-related mailing lists.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All previous mailing list postings have been converted and are available via the above mentioned webpage. In addition, all previous users of all the various mailing lists have been silently resubscribed to the new ones. Thus, if you were already subscribed to one of the above mailing lists located on you don't need to subscribe yourself again. All you probably have to do is to send your future postings to the new recipient address (see above). Furthermore, you would also probably need to alter your mail filter rules so that postings from this mailing list (e.g. by filtering via corresponding "List-Id:" mail headers) are sorted correctly into the right folders again. In addition, please also note that all the old YAM mailing lists on are now flagged as closed and won't accept any further postings anymore until they are finally deleted by the admins during the next days.

See you soon,



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