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YAM translation switch to transifex.com

Hello YAM translators,

during the last weeks I was working on improving the possibilities and user experience for a more easy and intuitive translation of the user interface of YAM. While there is in principle no technical problem with the current approach of manually editing the corresponding catalog translation files (.ct), the number of maintained translations are, however, stagnating and most of the time only one translator is actively translating YAM to a specific language. Thus, I thought that there must be some potential to improve the current state of affairs.

During that process I had a look how other modern projects are handling this situation. And I found the very nice web services of transifex.com. This web-based service provides free services for open source projects to manage their translation teams online, with a nice slim and intuitive web-based editor. In addition, transifex is a community-based service. That means everyone can contribute to translate and even verify translations of any project she/he applies to. At the current state transifex seems to have access to about 100k potential translators hanging out and waiting to translate something. That means by using transifex there is at least potential that we can increase the number of translators, languages and even quality of translations supported by YAM.

After my first evaluation of transifex, I found it would be worth to check what might be the implications of using transifex instead of our current cd/ct approach. The net result had been, that of course transifex doesn’t directly support the Amiga-style catalog format. While this seemed to be a show-stopper, I managed to work out a solution by having developed a conversion script which allows to convert our amiga-style catalog translation files to the PO-style gettext format commonly used with transifex. This tool now finally allows to internally keep the Amiga-style catalog format (within the source code of YAM), but use the PO-style gettext-based format to manage translations with transifex.com.

To make a long story short:

  1. I have now finalized my changes and generated a YAM transifex.com project (http://www.transifex.com/projects/p/yam/) as well as modified our build system to generate the .cd and .ct files on the fly when compiling YAM.
  2. Every existing translator is asked to create himself a transifex account and apply to join for his specific language to the language group and make himself familiar with the editor transifex provides.
  3. Every existing translator who previously used subversion to directly submit changes to our repository is asked to use the web-based editor of transifex instead. While in principle a command-line/subversion approach is still possible, using transifex seems to be a better/easier approach and it would be great if every translator would use transifex instead.

For more information and howtos regarding the switch to transifex.com please read the following pages:



These pages should give you some updated insight into the future of using transifex for translating YAM.

Please note, however, that the switch is still in beta phase/quality. That means, we really require your testing and feedback because it is important to us that translating YAM to a language is kept easy and error free. So please give some feedback and report if you find any difficulties in translating YAM using transifex.

Looking forward to seeing you on transifex!


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