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[Online doc] Titles and anchors

Hello Jens,

I saw for example that you have used links to the "Grouped Function List" and "Alphabetical Function List" areas of the "ARexxAPI" page.

Having titles as anchors is a nice feature of the wiki engine, but it has some annoying effects when the titles are changed. Each time a title is translated, or when the title is modified e.g. for correcting a typo, you have to take care to manually edit all the links that point to the related document area. For example, in french, "Grouped Function List" is translated to "Liste des commandes ARexx groupées par fonction", and the link on top of the (fr) ARexxAPI page has to be changed to "#ListedescommandesARexxgroup%C3%A9esparfonction".

I faced this problem already when I ported some documents to the wiki. At the time, I decide to place a "invisible" anchor just before the title or the area to jump to. (I prepend these anchors names by "Fix". See for example: http://yam.ch/wiki/Documentation/Windows/Mainwindow#FixStatus ) This way, those "static" anchors can be defined once for all, and the links (to anchors) can remain untouched even when a page is translated.

What do you think ?


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