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Improve arexx port (or filtering)

The days are gone that you only got a few mails a day. I am subscribed to a number of information sources. I probably am not the only one. Being absent a few days deleting stuff takes too much time.

Presently you cannot

  • delete messages by filtering on their date (suppress older messages)
  • filter different folders differently: After you have filtered the input folder just to order the input in a number of folders and deleted what you wanted, running the same set of filters on an other folder

leaves that folder unchanged

I was about to write some arexx scripts allowing me to filter out those folders in a more apppropriate way The idea being: At a user chosen time

  • have a look into a given folder
  • read the more ancient stuff that seems worth an immediate read
  • mark a number of the older messages " don't delete this"
  • operate filters specific to the folder (maybe marking some messages don't delete yet too)
  • one of those filters being delete messages older than a given timedelay.and not marked as suggested above

The arexx port however does not seem to allow this.and you can't link specific filters to specific folders.

Hopefully you can see this as a request for future enhancement, but want to discuss this first.?

Thanks for your efforts


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