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Word wrapping


I config'ed write so that word wrap occurs after 75 columns, but this just affects the rendering, I expected the text editor class to insert a LF. Is there an option for this ?

I guess this relates to the current standard. Should lines in an email be continuous until a vertical space is required ? The standard used to be wrap before 80 columns because the expected screen size should have a minimum of 80 columns, but we are not using such terminals these days.

OK, so more importantly, how can I config read so that lines are wrapped ? I prefer to open up mails into separate read windows; but the windows are usually as wide as the screen because the received email is written in continuous lines, no LF before 80 columns. I can use MUI config to snapshot the window size but opening more than one window does not use the snapshot size.

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    As far as I know TE.mcc should insert the LF itself at the requested position.

    Regarding reading, the best solution would be to have each paragraph of the mail on one single line and have an option in YAM similar to that maximum line length when writing a mail for reading as well. Then YAM could reformat the mail itself. Implementing that "format=flowed" stuff is already on the TODO list, but not with a very high priority.

    Apart from that, snapshotting the read windows is working perfectly for me. All you have to do is to snapshot each new read window. After that it will use the saved position whenever it is opened again.

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      OK thanks. So I have a work around until a new feature is implemented: can't ask for more than that.


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