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New YAM website online!

Hello YAMmers,

after the long awaited release of version 2.6 of YAM just a few days ago, we do have another cookie for you.

Since our main homepage ( have been largely outdated and not technically up to date, we have spent some time on creating a new site that will hopefully serve you and us better in the future. In addition, the online services of have been unfortunately not that good during the last years. Not only have their web services been more and more limited and cluttered with commercials, also all their development related services (e.g. SVN, bug tracker) suffer from performance problems these days.

Therefore we have decided to move our whole development to our own server where the old homepage has already been located. So we have not only moved the subversion (SVN) source code repository, we also moved the bug and feature tracker now. As we didn't want to reinvent the wheel and as there are great software products out there allowing a development group like us to collaborate more easily we installed 'trac' on our server. This system comes with a great bug and feature request tracker, with a beautiful source code browser and more importantly with a timeline view of the latest changes and a whole wiki engine. Therefore we decided to merge this development system with our old homepage which was more or less anyway just some static web pages.

So please welcome our new unified web and development site which you can access by simply pointing your browser at

And in case you have already contributed to our project by submitting bug or feature requests please feel free to create yourself an account at our website. By having registered you allow us to more easily keep in touch with you in case we have questions regarding your submitted bug/feature report. In addition, as soon as you have registered to our website you will be able to contribute to our website by using the wiki engine or to track your submitted ticket under "My Reports". In addition, by having registered you are able to submit bug reports with attachments.

So feel free to cheer with us on this new great web resource which will hopefully make our development and communication with you more easy. And in case you feel anything is missing please don't hesitate to point this out to us.

Happy yamming,

Your YAM Open Source Team


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