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Configuration for folder list and unread mail


I want to change the style of folders with unread mail in the folder list.

In YAM 2.4 I'm sure any folders with unread mail used a different colour (font). In 2.5 they are bold.

Is there somewhere I can change the style ? I've been looking and looking…



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    Just edit the Style#? lines in the Advanced sections of YAM's .config file.

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      Thanks, that's what I need.

      I can guess "b" and "i" but what format would a colour specification take ?

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        The numbers define the screen pen number.

        For example "i:b:8" will use italic and bold text using the highlight text color.

        These are the common constants for the standard pens:

        #define TEXTPEN               (0x0002) /* text on background                  */
        #define SHINEPEN              (0x0003) /* bright edge on 3D objects           */
        #define SHADOWPEN             (0x0004) /* dark edge on 3D objects             */
        #define FILLPEN               (0x0005) /* active-window/selected-gadget fill  */
        #define FILLTEXTPEN           (0x0006) /* text over FILLPEN                   */
        #define BACKGROUNDPEN         (0x0007) /* may not always be color 0           */
        #define HIGHLIGHTTEXTPEN      (0x0008) /* special color text, on background   */


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