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Compose Message problem

Hi all. I started using the amiga again today ( only a virtual one with amigaforever2005, though). I installed yam and receiving mails over pop already works. I have configured smtp also, but when I try to compose a message, the following happens:

  1. I can enter a recipient/subject and write the message text.
  2. When I hit the send now/send later/hold buttons, nothing happens ( from time to time I can read "Composing message…" for a very short time).

The mail is not being sent or copied to the outgoing folder and the compose window remains open. When I hit the windows' close button or Cancel, yam asks me wether I want to send or discard the message or cancel. Once again, nothing happens when hitting send later.

The virtual amiga I am running is emulated as an 68040/Kickstart 45.47 / WB 45.3 (that is OS version 3.1). Since I haven't worked with an amiga since '95 or so, I am not very familiar with the OS actually.

I guess this is a newbie problem, but I haven't found something similar here in the forum or elsewhere on the web.

Any comments are appreciated.

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    OK. Seems like a typical "layer 8" problem. After "assign yam: <my path>" i could compose a message.

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      I still cannot send the message though.

      My smtp-server (smtp.t-online.de) responds with an error code.

      Bad MAIL command response: 500 Special characters are not allowed.

      Since the file in the outgoing folder looks good to me when editing it with ed, I have no clue where the problem is.

      Here is the copy & paste of the file ( without leading and trailing = of course, and also the mail-addresses are a little mangled to avoid spam):

      From: Marcus_XXXXXXX@t-online.de
      To: Marcus_XXXXXXX@t-online.de
      Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 06:01:46 -0500
      Message-ID: <yam10145.2321.276453336@smtp.t-online.de>
      In-Reply-To: <434B30E8.7080707@t-online.de>
      X-Mailer: YAM 2.4p1 [040] AmigaOS E-mail Client (c) 2000-2003 by YAM Open Source Team - http://www.yam.ch/
      Subject: Re: test2
      MIME-Version: 1.0
      Content-Type: text/plain
      Hello Marcus
      On 11.10.2005, you wrote:
      > test2

      Looks good to me, any hints where the problem could be?

      And just one more newbie question: since I am using a pc-keyboard, right alt + q does not work for the <at> character. How can I enter it anyway?

      Once more, any answers appreciated.

      And btw.: seeing a computer booting - and even if it is only a virtual one - from power off to workbench loaded in less than 5 seconds is just great, MS & Co. should learn from that.

      Update # 2:

      Ok, as I mentioned, I started over today after almost 10 years of having not used an amiga.

      Here is what I found:

      debug output:

      CLIENT[0018]: HELO t-online.de
      SERVER[0009]: 250 Ok.
      CLIENT[0044]: MAIL FROM:<Marcus_XXXXXXXX@t-online.de>
      SERVER[0009]: 250 Ok.
      CLIENT[0042]: RCPT TO:<marcus_xxxxxxx`t-online.de>
      SERVER[0041]: 500 Special characters are not allowed.
      CLIENT[0006]: RSET
      SERVER[0009]: 250 Ok.

      Look at the `, it shows as a rectangle on my amiga. But how can that be, when I could see the <at> as it should be in the mail client and also in the saved message in the outgoing folder? I guess the answer is that I have copied this <at> from the mail in my incoming folder. In the meantime I have also found out that <at> is alt + 2 on the amiga, and after having typed the correct form of <at> the smtp-server accepted it, finally, and the message was sent. So, once again, it has been just a newbie problem.

      So now, I have an OS with browser and email programs that should be quite safe from viruses I guess, IIRC there are about 500 viruses for linux in the wild; not even to speak of windows. I assume that there are a lot less for the amiga today?

      Best regards,



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