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Bad RCPT command response

Help! All of a sudden I can't send emails from neither YAM, nor AEmail. I can recieve email and surf the internet with no problem, and I can strangely enough even send emails from Voyager's internal email program, but not from YAM or AEmail. It has been that way since Sunday, and I don't remember changing anytging on my computer during the weekend. It has otherwise been working fine for years. My provider says the server works fine, so it can't be their fault. :?

When activating the debug option in YAM and attempting to send an email to myself, I got this (I have munged the addresses for spam protection)…

SERVER[0030]: 220 pfepb.post.tele.dk ESMTP
CLIENT[0019]: HELO post.tele.dk
SERVER[0024]: 250 pfepb.post.tele.dk
CLIENT[0036]: MAIL FROM:<xxxxx.xxx@post.tele.dk>
SERVER[0008]: 250 Ok
CLIENT[0027]: RCPT TO:<xxxxx.xxx@post.tele.dk>
SERVER[0058]: 550 <post.tele.dk>: Helo command rejected: Access denied
SERVER[0008]: 250 Ok
Bad RCPT command response:
550 <post.tele.dk>: Helo command rejected: Access denied
The mail server couldn't execute the command and replied with the error message.

Does anyone have the tiniest clue what could cause this problem?

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    I have solved my problem. :) My provider finally admitted it was their fault, and came up with a solution. :?

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      What did your provider do? I can download all day, but I can't send mail and I get that same bad RCPT command response:

      The mail server couldn't execute the command and replied with the error message.

      So what's the solution :?:

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        I never understood exactly what caused the problem, but my provider gave me an alternative smtp server address which, in contradiction to the old, needs smtp authorization.


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