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Bad keyboard shortcuts

I've done a (very) quick search in SF for this problem, a problem that has been around a long time. I didn't turn up anything.

Keyboard shortcuts when reading messages: they usually work, but sometimes they don't. eg. pressing 'm' to move a message can instead 'd' delete it. It's like YAM/MUI sometimes gets confused and mixes up the shortcuts. If I click outside the reader window then reactivate it, the shortcuts work fine. This happens with both 68K/PPC YAMs.

I did mention this in the ML ages ago, but have heard and seen no mention of this problem since.

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    Please post the exact version of the build you are using and of course also the exact operating system version you are running and MUI version…

    Give me some more input, please…

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      I'll dig up the original post I made to the YAM list in the morning and post that and the other details tomorrow.

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        Ok, this is the post I made to the YAM ML on 6/4/03 subject "Toolbar.mcc wierdness" - this problem's been around longer that I remembered!

        Are there any know problems with Toolbar.mcc V15.8 and keyboard shortcuts?

        I use "l" on the keyboard to delete messages as I read through them, and since installing Toolbar.mcc V15.8 I've noted all sorts of wierdness. Sometimes a message will be forwarded or replied or printed whenever I press "l".

        I have Border Type and and Selection Border both set "Off" and Show Active on Mousehit checked on, so the Toolbar looks and acts like, for eg., Netscape. I haven't tested if this settings combination has anything to do with the problem.

        It seems when an icon in the toolbar is "activated" by the pointer and then moving the pointer away, pressing "l" will perform that action instead of delete as expected.

        BTW, "Show Active on Mousehit" is a bit misleading (to me anyway) - you don't click or "hit" anything. Perhaps "Show Active on Mouseover" is more logical, along the lines of Javascript.

        Oh, I've noticed on occasion "l" does not do anything in the active Read window. You have to click outside then reactivate the window before "l" deletes. I haven't found out why yet.

        on 17/4, Bill Eaves wrote:

        Which since V15.8 is real screwy. As mentioned in a previous post, often the action performed when I hit "l" (delete) when reading is that of the icon previously hilited with a mouseover ("Mousehit") action. Rather annoying. I have to remember to briefly mouseover-hilite the delete icon before I start to read through a lot of messages.

        I find that with 15.8 the use of shortcuts after any mouseover highlight disappears entirely. If my mouse has been over onr of the buttons, I have to click an area of space outside the toolbar before any of the keyboard shortcuts will work.

        If I did like you and highlight the delete icon I cannot use any shortcut associated with the toolbar.

        There is definitely something gone screwy with toolbar.mcc v15.8 - even more so if it affects different users in different ways. Hopefully things will work in 15.9 ;-)

        This is still affecting my A2000 with latest OS4 modules (not that there's too many of those any more…), YAM 2.5dev 13/11/04, MUI3.9, Toolbar.mcc 15.8.

        I haven't checked for this problem on the A1 since ISO 50.10 + daily updates, but the problem definitely was there pre-50.10 with PPC YAM/MUI.

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          Hi Jens,

          Do you see this problem at all?

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            No sorry, never seen that problem on my system at all. But I have to investigate a bit further abotu that in the new year. But thanks for the hint. And please keep on raising such things here in the new forum. I would really like to have this forum get a bit hotter with more important information like this…

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              It's easy to reproduce - well, here it is anyway.

              Just position the mouse pointer over a toolbar icon such as Move or Forward, then press "l", the shortcut for delete. Instead of deleting, the action the pointer is over is performed instead.

              This "wrong action" also does happen when the pointer is away from any toolbar icon, say over the message text, but I can't easily reproduce this .

              I would really like to have this forum get a bit hotter with more important information like this…

              You really need to encourage people away from freelists then. :wink:


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