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longing soooo mcuh for yam


I thought I could be the first to write my user story about Yam. Well, in fact, it's a story about NOT Yam.

I used Yam until 2001 or so, when I gave up using Amiga. Now, please don't give me hell for that, I do have my reasons for not using Amiga anymore. (if anyone wants clarification for that, please ask ;) )

However, since then, because of living on a low budget, I first saw myself forced to use windows and not being able to find an emailer as convenient as Yam. There was no such programm with such cool filtering options and which would allow ou to move emails from any folder to another. Outlook, e.g., is not able to do that. So what if you send an email and it bounces back? With Yam I simply moved the mail to the Outgoing folder, corrected the missspelled address and sent it again. Try to do that with Outloo!!! Other mail clients, like Eudora or others, had other restrictions, e.g. filter rules couls not be applied automatically o outgoing mails. I was consiedering of running UAE only for Yam, but I dropped the idea because I want to have it simple without switching between the different OS, especially as I use the emailer quite a lot. When Thunderbird came out, I jumped of yoy because it was superior to anything else I tried before on Win.

Now using Mac OS X(praise God) I use Mail which is a pretty good program - but still the filters won't work automatically on outgoing emails and it has some little downsides here and there. Nor can't you preview your emails before downloading them (it seems Yam is the only that can do it without too much hassle)… :(

To sum it up: There AIN'T anything as good as Yam on an platform. Everything you intuitionally think must be there - Yam is the only one who's got it. Now I keep on with using Mail on OS X and sighing everytime when I think on how cool Yam is…

Cheers, Aldi

(P.S. When is anybody going to port Yam for Linux, so I could use it on my Mac :D …..)

:D :D


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