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Reporting bugs

Hi, i just downloaded YAM 2.5 stable version and it looks great. Thanks to the developers team.

Wanting to give feedback on what might be a bug (folders that contain non-opened mail are no longer highlighted) I got rather desoriented , getting the impression that i was always oriented to a new place (the debug page, FAQ, forum …) I should also verify if the bug was still there in the latest nightly build …. Here i gave up. Before getting here i did register for the freelist maillist only seeing afterwards that i would have to wait till my membership was accepted. I was not to sure either if this forum subdivision is the right place to find out of fellow users can confirm the problem and see whether it is a bug or not.

I would suggest to have such a forum subdivision.

I am a bit nostalgic, i must say, of the time where there was less of a plethory of channels to communicate with the developers.

Joseph Duch


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