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#2 EOL char deleted when re-editing message tboeckel bug undecided 2.5 major
#14 Keyboard control doesn't highlight correctly tboeckel bug normal 2.6 minor
#117 no From: header in mail - > empty from field bug low 2.6 minor
#119 Recent changes to attachment/part-name handling produces unusable names bug normal nightly build major
#141 Double clicks on attachments (gadget in read win) don't if attachmet is highlighted already bug normal nightly build minor
#152 XPK/Lha: IDEA not useable as Pack/Protect bug undecided 2.6 minor
#158 app.lib complains about V1-issues... tboeckel bug normal nightly build major
#167 Localization problems after restart tboeckel bug normal 2.6 major
#171 notification window on os4.1 has no text bug low nightly build minor
#182 Icons are drawn with pink border on OS3.9 bug undecided 2.6 minor
#188 Active/Inactive status of mail and folder list breaks keyboard usage (e.g. Del key) tboeckel bug high 2.6 blocker
#205 Graphics corruption under AROS bug low 2.6 minor
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