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#321 Change IdentityChooser to allow keyboard searches/usage in write window task normal minor
#363 Bug when writing a new email with activated BCC and Reply-To fields tboeckel bug undecided 2.8 major
#375 Duplication of emails in Drafts. bug undecided nightly build major
#377 Grimreaper adding identity bug high nightly build major
#380 Editing overridden draft resets from: to original bug low nightly build minor
#381 Write window is crashing simply by itself now bug undecided 2.8 major
#384 Grim Reaper when opening .eml tboeckel bug undecided nightly build major
#386 YAM crashes when edit window is closed bug undecided 2.8 major
#388 Drafts Highlight tboeckel bug normal 2.8 major
#397 Wrong Image Dimensions bug normal nightly build major
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