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#545 Crash in Configuration/Signature tboeckel bug normal 2.9p1 major
#553 click on a http link does cut off some characters tboeckel bug normal nightly build major
#562 Please no Passwords in Logfiles tboeckel enhancement normal nightly build minor
#595 DSI error when trying to save a new signature bug normal 2.9p1 major
#604 Error message, can't use YAM anymore bug normal 2.9p1 major
#608 YAM crashes when OS detects DST change tboeckel bug normal 2.9p1 major
#609 CC parser adds wrong address if given address is broken tboeckel bug normal 2.9p1 major
#558 to much mails shown in the logfile tboeckel bug undecided nightly build major
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