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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#175 keyboard navigation no longer working bug high nightly build major
#178 YAM tries to close file twice -> recoverable alert on exit bug high nightly build minor
#242 DSI crash closing YAM when connection is disabled bug high nightly build critical
#277 Edit mail: Filter out non-matching address book entries does not work on similar names bug high 2.6p1 major
#11 Attachments don't work in read windows somebody bug normal 2.6 major
#19 previous message in thread requester tboeckel enhancement normal trivial
#27 "New" Gadget in TCP/IP settings somebody enhancement normal major
#63 Closing/Restarting YAM with write/answer messages opened enhancement normal nightly build trivial
#116 Changing Folder names in config for filters too tboeckel enhancement normal minor
#136 Use NListtree instead of NList for all FolderList displays. task normal major
#153 Columns in mail transfer window cannot be saved. bug normal 2.6 minor
#187 clicking on the result of a search opens 2 readwindows tboeckel bug normal nightly build minor
#206 Check for update silent again bug normal nightly build minor
#212 After a soundtest YAM can't quit. bug normal nightly build major
#215 Some folder creation issues. bug normal nightly build major
#216 Mailto issue (OWB-->YAM) enhancement normal nightly build major
#228 multithreaded mail receiving - preselection popup? tboeckel bug normal nightly build trivial
#247 Warn about incompatible filetype when importing mails tboeckel enhancement normal nightly build trivial
#250 New message - "insert file" at current cursor position tboeckel bug normal 2.6p1 major
#258 YAM Guide directly accessible via menu tboeckel enhancement normal 2.6p1 minor
#23 changing the exchange Mail to get&send Mail somebody enhancement low trivial
#24 Title of save attachment is wrong: says "save message" tboeckel bug low 2.5 trivial
#25 Anon remailer not working, time to update the thing again somebody bug low 2.5 trivial
#28 Change the behaviour after deleting mails. somebody enhancement low trivial
#32 Take single mails into account for "new mail"-string tboeckel enhancement low trivial
#47 birthday check in background ? somebody enhancement low major
#60 Snapshot column widths in Preselect window tboeckel bug low minor
#61 Option to disable attachment crop requesters enhancement low trivial
#68 Foldergroup statistics please tboeckel enhancement low minor
#80 Don't keep "check for update" silent tboeckel enhancement low trivial
#93 Remove "mailto:" from "to:"-strings tboeckel enhancement low nightly build trivial
#106 forward E-Mails menu with sub menues tboeckel enhancement low trivial
#111 Option to supress the filter requester. opiopi enhancement low trivial
#164 Only reply to marked text task low minor
#166 Doesn't show the birthday requester twice on the same day in same YAM session. opiopi enhancement low 2.6 minor
#176 the about window can only be closed with the escape key tboeckel bug low nightly build trivial
#203 Add a comma and space when using doubleclick on address popuplist tboeckel enhancement low nightly build minor
#235 Move mail window not keyboard navigatable anymore tboeckel bug low 2.6p1 minor
#92 open folders in tree automatically tboeckel enhancement undecided major
#163 Download status in mail transfer window is broken bug undecided 2.6 minor
#179 new nlist + nightly yam: cannot open mail folders any more bug undecided nightly build major
#180 new nlist + nightly yam: crash when using cursor right in mailfolder list bug undecided nightly build major
#197 Enablung status display in docky does not work while YAM is running bug undecided nightly build minor
#223 Last entry in mail selection/preview window only shows size tboeckel bug undecided nightly build minor
#234 Hits if i close a read window. tboeckel bug undecided nightly build major
#236 YAM 2.6p1 "Mailto" bug undecided 2.6p1 major
#238 Wrong mailsize in mainwindow bug undecided nightly build minor
#252 message sent while editing - yam 2.5 tboeckel bug undecided 2.5 major
#255 DSI crash trying to check for updates bug undecided nightly build minor
#279 Accept pipe symbol as part of URL bug undecided 2.6p1 major
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