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#484 When receiving emails a MUI error/warning window pops up saying "MUI_Redraw() was called from task..." tboeckel bug high 2.9 major
#498 There should be no reply to sender / reply to all in response to a Mail-Followup-To: header when the mail is in a folder with mailing list support. damato enhancement high 2.9 minor
#537 Redirect menu item is disabled when in sent folder tboeckel bug high nightly build trivial
#479 All mails was sent from Drafts folder bug normal 2.8p1 major
#488 Some Config headings wrong damato bug normal 2.9 trivial
#516 Crash when apply a "remote filter" tboeckel bug normal nightly build normal
#519 Addressbook images blacked out on MorphOS bug normal 2.8p1 blocker
#520 Display name of folders should be editable bug normal 2.9 minor
#521 Transparence in "Make a Donation" button tboeckel bug normal 2.9 normal
#524 Cutted text on the about window bug normal nightly build trivial
#533 Config GUI - Filter: Condition page ghosted tboeckel bug normal 2.9 major
#510 D&D of mails as attachments won't show the attachment list tboeckel bug low 2.9 minor
#543 UpdateCheck window should inform about finished downloads tboeckel enhancement low 2.8 minor
#434 Change the menu link to the ARexx documentation tboeckel enhancement undecided 2.8 major
#493 Crahs in DateStamp2String() tboeckel bug undecided 2.9 major
#494 MUI_Redraw task mismatch bug undecided 2.9 major
#497 Error with AISS mage file 'folder_archive' since 2.9 .update bug undecided 2.9 major
#500 Problems with filter IN option tboeckel bug undecided 2.9 major
#511 clone attachment list open wrong attachment tboeckel bug undecided nightly build major
#539 Ignore notification on new mails bug undecided nightly build major
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