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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#124 Rework/Improvement of mailing-list functionality task high configuration
#530 Initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session error during "GetMail" bug high TCP/IP interface nightly build
#134 Add "Stop" Toolbar button which aborts e.g. filtering task normal user interface
#529 Writing/edit message behaviour (lines, wrap, paragraph) enhancement normal mail import/export nightly build
#17 Don't just remove "two-chars:" on reply somebody enhancement low user interface
#246 Embedded mail pane to be displayed vertically enhancement low user interface 2.6p1
#267 Mark E-Mails with different priority enhancement low user interface nightly build

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#572 "Delete/Remove" old mails on quit - not working on *first* quit tboeckel bug normal mail indexing 2.9p1

Status: closed (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#559 Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host '' damato bug high foreign component nightly build
#50 Allow duplicate folder name creation and use tboeckel enhancement normal user interface
#383 Better support for editing redirected mails in the Drafts folder tboeckel enhancement normal user interface 2.8
#538 Send mails works only when "outgoing" folder is active tboeckel bug normal mail filtering nightly build
#544 Allow the internal update mechanism to "Check on startup" enhancement normal installation 2.9
#545 Crash in Configuration/Signature tboeckel bug normal coding/memory 2.9p1
#549 Installation script error damato bug normal installation 2.9p1
#550 mention the used filter in the logfile tboeckel enhancement normal mail filtering 2.9p1
#551 wrong icon info file in archive for 2.9p1 (os4) tboeckel bug normal installation 2.9p1
#553 click on a http link does cut off some characters tboeckel bug normal coding/memory nightly build
#556 RMB click on "Papierkorb leeren" in folder listing leads to crash tboeckel bug normal user interface nightly build
#557 HTML preview accents not correctly shown bug normal foreign component nightly build
#561 automatic mail check not working in nightly?! tboeckel bug normal TCP/IP interface nightly build
#562 Please no Passwords in Logfiles tboeckel enhancement normal coding/memory nightly build
#563 Use a mail's receive date instead of the compose date when deleting old mails tboeckel enhancement normal mail filtering
#564 Save configuration without passwords tboeckel enhancement normal configuration
#571 Edit signature in external editor DSI tboeckel bug normal charset handling nightly build
#575 I am getting a message about failing to initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 when I try to get mail bug normal TCP/IP interface 2.9p1
#577 Fetching mails only on second step tboeckel bug normal TCP/IP interface nightly build
#73 Support multiple attachments d&d tboeckel enhancement low user interface
#526 Crash setting a different blinkspeed in TextEditor bug low foreign component 2.9
#548 Make sure to flush a catalog from memory in case old version is found. tboeckel task low translation 2.9p1
#552 YAM failed returncode 10 tboeckel bug undecided translation nightly build
#555 Problem with some reply address, when i try reply tboeckel bug undecided configuration 2.9p1
#558 to much mails shown in the logfile tboeckel bug undecided coding/memory nightly build

Status: new (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#464 Restructure folder tree loading process task high configuration nightly build
#518 Rework the removal of attachments enhancement normal MIME handling 2.9
#467 Change build environment to use 'cmake' damato task low build environment
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