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#17 enhancement accepted low Don't just remove "two-chars:" on reply
#526 bug accepted low Crash setting a different blinkspeed in TextEditor
#529 enhancement accepted undecided Writing/edit message behaviour (lines, wrap, paragraph)
#530 bug accepted high Initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session error during "GetMail"
#551 bug accepted normal wrong icon info file in archive for 2.9p1 (os4)
#544 enhancement closed wontfix normal Allow the internal update mechanism to "Check on startup"
#545 bug closed fixed normal Crash in Configuration/Signature
#548 task closed fixed low Make sure to flush a catalog from memory in case old version is found.
#549 bug closed fixed normal Installation script error
#550 enhancement closed fixed normal mention the used filter in the logfile
#552 bug closed fixed undecided YAM failed returncode 10
#464 task new high Restructure folder tree loading process
#467 task new low Change build environment to use 'cmake'
#518 enhancement new undecided Rework the removal of attachments
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