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#146 bug closed worksforme undecided yam 2.6 (MorphOS) freeze when using find on folder with encrypted mails
#328 bug closed worksforme normal nightly os3 doesn't load theme images
#44 enhancement closed duplicate undecided More signatures
#300 bug closed duplicate undecided new identity feature: new entered email address is not taken
#340 bug closed duplicate undecided grim reaper after fetching mails from server
#347 bug closed duplicate normal Crash after deleting an incoming message
#350 bug closed duplicate undecided Attached files are broken
#53 enhancement closed wontfix undecided Support for "Face:" and "X-Face:" header lines
#302 bug closed invalid undecided Images not visible anymore in Write/Reply and Forward Windows
#329 bug closed invalid undecided Icon not correctly showed on attachments
#343 enhancement closed invalid low Hungarian translation for YAM 2.7
#353 bug closed invalid undecided When you click for a message on "hold" the message disappears but is lost.
#4 bug closed fixed normal YAM doesn't check signature on files created with YAM
#5 bug closed fixed normal YAM fail to check signed e-mails from User-Agent: IceDove
#26 enhancement closed fixed normal Move the CC and BCC to the first page of the write window.
#41 enhancement closed fixed high multiple smtp
#71 enhancement closed fixed undecided recovering autosave.txt to clips:0
#121 task closed fixed high Multiple user identity support (similar to Thunderbird)
#128 task closed fixed low Enhance the SPAM filter engine to recognize external SPAM checker
#131 task closed fixed normal Add SSL certificate authentication support
#220 bug closed fixed undecided A "in mail" search in incoming folder will look up YAM when pulling mails
#240 bug closed fixed normal Problem with displaying some quoted printable encoding mails
#272 bug closed fixed undecided Beim Postfach anlegen überschreibt YAM das Hauptprogramm YAM
#276 enhancement closed fixed normal autosave message lacks receivers and subject
#282 task closed fixed normal Implement Mail-Followup-To: and Mail-Reply-To: header support
#285 bug closed fixed low YAM 2.7 (MorphOS) vertical lines in folder list are missing
#288 enhancement closed fixed normal please add a "reply" possibility for the sent items
#289 bug closed fixed undecided Editing an email in sent folder will replace "FROM:" with user's address
#295 bug closed fixed undecided Yam 2.7 Systematic error when trying to send a previously saved outgoing message
#296 bug closed fixed undecided YAM not talking path changes for folders?
#299 bug closed fixed normal Identities/Compose mail not possible to save a Reply-To Address
#301 bug closed fixed undecided Crashes on "sent"
#305 enhancement closed fixed normal allow a minimum waiting time for fetching mails per server
#306 task closed fixed normal Convert amigaguide-based documentation to online version
#307 task closed fixed normal Unlimited amount of signatures
#309 task closed fixed normal Move "Status Update" in hidden config section
#310 task closed fixed normal Remove GUI elements in write window for attachment encoding
#313 task closed fixed normal remove DST notification (on certain platforms)
#314 task closed fixed normal Move new default folders to default position in folder listtree
#315 task closed fixed normal Move "New Mail" config items to identities and remove page from config
#316 bug closed fixed normal Recipientstring should not search for recipients in a recipient list
#324 bug closed fixed normal Search for update popup after iconification
#325 bug closed fixed high 501 Syntactically invalid EHLO argument(s)
#330 bug closed fixed undecided YAM crashed when I pressed Delete key in Ediitor window whilst HD LED flashed
#332 bug closed fixed undecided YAM2.8dev 10.07.2012 editing sent msg DSI
#333 bug closed fixed undecided double clicking and URL doesn't do anything
#334 bug closed fixed undecided Bar between msg list and read pane doesn't get snapshoted
#335 bug closed fixed undecided 'Download messages larger than' value doesn't get saved (stays 1024)
#336 bug closed fixed high YAM crashes right at startup when geting e-mails from server
#337 bug closed fixed undecided Read tab in config DISs
#338 bug closed fixed undecided Selecting Config/Read generates hits, MorphOS version of YAM
#339 bug closed fixed undecided Reply to sender and all recipients seems not to work
#341 bug closed fixed undecided grim reaper when jumping to the next unread mail
#342 bug closed fixed undecided YAM crashes on OS4 when sending E-Mails
#344 bug closed fixed undecided No content in Error messages window, it's empty
#345 bug closed fixed undecided Forward complains that there is no message to forward
#346 bug closed fixed undecided Processor 100% creating interface
#348 bug closed fixed normal Systematic Crash when trying to a message
#349 bug closed fixed normal Attached files are broken
#351 enhancement closed fixed normal Search Messages via ID and when found show them in GUI
#352 bug closed fixed normal grim reaper with nightly when going to the next unread message in another folder
#354 bug closed fixed undecided connections are not done.
#355 enhancement closed fixed normal Add string gadget for subject to "no subject warning requester"
#356 bug closed fixed normal Problem with email caching and adding new identity
#357 bug closed fixed high Another email cache problem with misspelled, ie. longer adresses
#359 bug closed fixed undecided YAM 2.8 has connection issues with WinUAE 2.x
#360 bug closed fixed normal YAM just "auto completes" and jumps to text area
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