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Component: ARexx interface (2 matches)

Ticket Release Notes
#88 extended the ADDRLOAD command to take a second parameter OPEN/S to immediately open then address book window after the address book file has been loaded successfully.
#371 added a new 'WRITEIDENTITY' ARexx command to let a script choose the user identity to be used when composing a new mail via ARexx.

Component: MIME handling (2 matches)

Ticket Release Notes
#362 renamed the 'Bounce' mail functionality for redirecting emails to alternative recipients to 'Redirect' as that better reflects the purpose of this functionality and should not confuse users anymore. Also adapted the functionality to add all well-known Resent-#? headers to redirected emails. This should adapt YAM to be somehwat more RFC compliant. Furthermore, a Resent-CC and Resent-BCC can now be specified. In addition, YAM will now allow to bounce to multiple emails in one operation. That means, a user can now select more than one mail in the mail listview and when a redirect operation is performed YAM will redirect all of these mails in one run.
#385 fixed a bug in the mail header parsing routines where a header line starting with a newline cause problems.

Component: TCP/IP interface (1 match)

Ticket Release Notes
#368 fixed a problem where under certain setups the automatically chosen full qualified domain name (FQDN) was unluckily chosen and thus mail sending being rejected when using YAM. Now YAM should use a better mechanism and even let you override the FQDN using a new hidden 'MachineFQDN' option.

Component: coding/memory (1 match)

Ticket Release Notes
#395 fixed a crash bug when deleting a folder group.

Component: configuration (1 match)

Ticket Release Notes
#372 fixed a bug where the signature settings of a folder got lost when updating from YAM versions <= 2.7 to 2.8

Component: mail filtering (2 matches)

Ticket Release Notes
#390 modifiered remote filters to be applied when getting the single message details. This makes it possible to let the filters check all available information but it also requires the user to wait until the details of all new mails have been received. Otherwise it could have happened that some mails were not received although they should be filtered out.
#378 fixed a bug where the number of mails in the outgoing folder was not correctly set when a mail was moved by mail filter operation.

Component: mail indexing (1 match)

Ticket Release Notes
#367 fixed a bug where 'new' mail was never changed to 'unread' status if it was moved to a subfolder. Now the index of all folders carrying 'new' mail will be loaded and the status adapted accordingly.

Component: undefined (2 matches)

Ticket Release Notes
#369 fixed a crash where it could have happened that YAM accessed an invalid memory location when creating a new mail.
#373 fixed a crash when entering certain text in the CC string gadget of a write window.

Component: user interface (10 matches)

Ticket Release Notes
#375 fixed some problems with the new Drafts folder managment where emails could end up duplicated. In addition, the 'Hold' button has been renamed to 'Save to Drafts' to better differentate between the operations.
#397 fixed some incorrect dimensions of certain theme images.
#384 fixed some crashes related to virtual email display (e.g. opening .eml attachments).
#363 fixed bug where hidden Cc, BCC or Reply-To string gadgets could have ended up at wrong positions when hiding/showing them dynamically in the write window.
#377 fixed an issue related to BetterString.mcc which cause YAM to crash.
#386 fixed a memory trashing problem where toolbar images of different sizes cause some memory leaks within TheButton.mcc.
#380 fixed a bug where the From: address was not properly restored when the hidden "OverrideFromAddress" option had been used.
#388 fixed a bug where resaving a mail in the drafts folder caused the mail active/inactive state to get messed up.
#381 fixed a bug where keeping the write window open for a while could suddenly crash YAM.
#321 added a new option in the hidden section of the configuration. Setting the option "OverrideFromAddress" to "Y" will add a recipient string object below the identity chooser in the write window. The contents default to the chosen identity's address but can be modified freely. This makes it possible to use a different From: address than the one configured in the identity while still using all other settings like the SMTP server.
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