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#482 bug closed fixed undecided YAM delete a mail because the user gets wrong information in a requester
#481 bug closed fixed undecided confusing ghosted buttons on the filter page
#478 enhancement closed fixed normal Change "Mail Transfer..." to "Checking for mails..."
#477 enhancement closed worksforme undecided Highlight selected links
#476 bug closed fixed undecided Spellchecking with new TextEditor does not work anymore
#475 bug closed worksforme undecided Doubleclick on interenet adresses does not work anymore
#474 bug closed fixed undecided Autosave every 2mins and closes write window too!
#472 bug closed fixed undecided Edit a mail creates a new mail and add a space into the body
#471 bug closed fixed normal format also the "Mail account" column in the mainlistview
#469 bug closed fixed undecided YAM doesn't close the write window in a message without a "to" entry
#466 bug closed fixed undecided NB 27/11 takes very long to open a msg with big attachment
#463 bug closed fixed undecided Wrong german umlauts in Mail subject and body
#462 bug closed fixed undecided Missing ENTER() Macro in UpdateCheck.c -> Function BuildUpdateRequest()
#461 bug closed fixed undecided Crash while typing in write window
#460 bug closed fixed undecided Discarding changes in an edited draft mail deletes the mail
#459 bug closed fixed normal wrong german translation
#458 bug closed fixed normal support for mailnglists is brooken
#457 bug closed fixed normal creating and delete a group crash YAM
#455 bug closed fixed undecided Crash on drag&drop (copy) of more than 15 mails
#454 bug closed fixed high Partly broken Mail-Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To header handling
#453 bug closed fixed undecided Difficulties with addresssbook
#452 bug closed worksforme undecided YAM craashed after opeinng Find window
#451 bug closed fixed undecided YAM NB 17/11/2013 overrwrites filter settings
#450 bug closed duplicate undecided folder index update
#449 bug closed fixed normal RFC2047 decoding writes one byte too much for certain strings
#448 bug closed invalid undecided Crash when creating new folder (too hastily)
#447 bug closed worksforme undecided YAM crashes during sending of an e-mail
#446 bug closed fixed undecided GR at startup (QuickSearchBar)
#445 bug closed fixed undecided Trace of Filtered & moved mails do remain in "incoming" folder
#444 enhancement closed fixed undecided Add low memory handler to flush folder indexes automatically
#443 bug closed fixed undecided Clicking on a line in address book window does not enable the possibility to enter selected line in messag
#442 bug closed fixed undecided Cannot enter adresses from the message window (button next to addressline, cc)
#441 bug closed fixed undecided Yam doesn't save the Filter part in config correctly.
#439 bug closed fixed undecided Fail to login your site with OWB, cannot commit new Finnish catalog!
#438 bug closed fixed undecided Crash when selecting "Send later"
#437 bug closed fixed undecided HTML mails are not opend in browser
#436 bug closed fixed undecided folders lose their index
#435 bug closed fixed undecided When hitting send, YAM crashes ans the system also
#433 bug closed fixed undecided Crash when quiting YAM
#431 bug closed fixed undecided GR/DSI when clicking on SendNow or SendLater on write window
#430 bug closed duplicate undecided PGP Problem when sending Mail
#429 bug closed fixed undecided yam nightly grim reaper when jumping to next new mail
#428 bug closed fixed undecided Crash in search on gravatar button
#426 bug closed fixed undecided DSI with YAMdev2.9 2013-09-18
#425 bug closed fixed undecided Crash whe using "Find" button
#424 bug closed fixed undecided version 18/9 crashes when typing new message
#423 bug closed fixed undecided filter condition (Match...) isn't saved correctly
#422 bug closed fixed undecided Config item "AltReplyBye" isn't loaded/saved correctly
#421 enhancement closed fixed undecided Ghost the cycle gadget too if SPAM filter is turned off
#420 bug closed fixed undecided ClearFolderMails : DSI after a "After download" event
#419 enhancement closed fixed undecided The trash folder shouldn't be spam checked, IMHO.
#418 bug closed fixed undecided Bug when renaming Directory name
#417 bug closed fixed undecided YAM crash when editing a Folder
#416 bug closed fixed undecided Nightly builds crash (at startup)
#415 bug closed duplicate normal Crash while checking new mail on single account
#414 enhancement closed fixed normal YAM name and version to be showed on titlebar
#413 bug closed fixed undecided ISI crash on Reload arrangement
#412 bug closed fixed undecided Display search doesn't stop and YAM must be quit to abort
#410 enhancement closed fixed undecided Remember selection choice across sessions.
#409 bug closed fixed normal KillDuplicates.yam cause DSI and crash
#404 bug closed duplicate undecided GR (DSI) on starting YAM2.9dev (9.07.2013)
#403 bug closed fixed normal grim reaper when starting yam nightly (09.07.2013 (GCC 4.7.1, r6681))
#402 bug closed fixed normal Identities mixup problem (YAM 2.8p1, MorphOS)
#401 bug closed fixed undecided Identities are not working properly (YAM 2.8p1, MorphOS)
#400 task closed fixed normal Allow to set alternative default folder on a per account basis
#396 task closed fixed normal Implement a special Archive folder
#389 bug closed fixed high YAM locks up or crashes when un-iconifying
#317 task closed fixed normal Show attachment reminders upon keyword matches
#311 task closed fixed normal Show Attachmentlist in first pagegroup of write window
#298 enhancement closed fixed low Make addressbook entries sort by clicking column titles
#291 bug closed fixed low A folder added after "search" was open will never be displayed
#284 enhancement closed fixed high Sorting options/GUI layout not saved on exit
#261 bug closed fixed low Ghost/disable "get mail" when there is no active account
#230 enhancement closed fixed undecided Add option for queued download
#222 task closed fixed normal Move folder directories in own "folders" subdirectory, rename spam folder to "Junk"
#108 enhancement closed fixed low ARexx - REQUESTFILE : doc
#103 enhancement closed fixed undecided "Un-spam" mail when d&d'ed out of spam-folder
#100 enhancement closed fixed low When printing e-mails a list of attachments is also printed
#84 enhancement closed fixed low Add TO: field column in mail transfer window
#79 enhancement closed fixed low Allow removal of compar. not only from the bottom of filter
#78 enhancement closed fixed normal Jump to bottom with "more" in filters
#76 enhancement closed fixed low Adapt default order of next mail to reversed display
#72 enhancement closed fixed low Add underline-feature for URL in readwin
#62 enhancement closed fixed low Save attachments - jump to file via number key
#55 enhancement closed fixed low Packing Attachements should show the progress
#48 enhancement closed fixed low Can all search data be treated equally, as strings?
#45 enhancement closed fixed low Modified date field when reading
#40 enhancement closed fixed low Jump to oldest unread msg on a per folder basis
#35 enhancement closed fixed undecided Search without searching in pgp mails
#20 enhancement closed fixed low Add section "file name pit falls" in
#18 enhancement closed fixed low Thought about placing filter-gadgets below the nlist?
#12 bug closed fixed undecided LISTFREEZE MAILS
#10 bug closed fixed high DST changes *every* time in main window listview
#9 bug closed fixed normal Wrong UTF-8 Support
#7 bug closed fixed normal Handling of charsets (e.g. UTF-8) when using external editor.
#6 bug closed fixed high charset issue in mail listviews
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