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#22 bug closed fixed low D&D of msg into adressbook should be place at dropposition
#440 bug closed fixed normal Upper right main YAM window showing "empty" square
#479 bug closed invalid normal All mails was sent from Drafts folder
#483 bug closed fixed normal Installer script complains about "Unmatched parenthesis in line 885"
#484 bug closed fixed high When receiving emails a MUI error/warning window pops up saying "MUI_Redraw() was called from task..."
#485 bug closed duplicate undecided Crash in the install script preprocessing.
#486 bug closed duplicate undecided Signature will get two leading and two ending unterlines at email addresses und URLs
#487 bug closed duplicate undecided OS4 YAM 2.9 Installer script has bug and won't execute
#488 bug closed fixed normal Some Config headings wrong
#489 bug closed fixed normal Signature will get two leading and two ending unterlines at email addresses und URLs
#491 bug closed fixed undecided Files "in use" block part of YAM 2.9 install script
#492 bug closed worksforme normal AmigaPL->UTF-8 for sending mails problem
#493 bug closed fixed undecided Crahs in DateStamp2String()
#494 bug closed duplicate undecided MUI_Redraw task mismatch
#495 bug closed fixed low CC and BCC labels in write window not localized
#497 bug closed fixed undecided Error with AISS mage file 'folder_archive' since 2.9 .update
#499 bug closed invalid high Crash after recieving a mail.
#500 bug closed fixed undecided Problems with filter IN option
#501 bug closed worksforme undecided YAM crashes when auto-saving emails
#502 bug closed fixed high Filters lost MoveTo folder specs on conversion to 2.9
#503 bug closed fixed normal Filters with AND in 2.8p1 were converted to "if one or more conditions met" in 2.9
#504 bug closed fixed normal New field for alternative Sent folder in identities not always ghosted when it should
#505 bug closed invalid undecided multi assigm
#507 bug closed fixed normal YAM should use "Content-Disposition: attachment" for all attachments
#508 bug closed fixed normal .emailcache with quotes
#509 bug closed fixed undecided Certain lines in a QP encoded mail get duplicated
#510 bug closed fixed low D&D of mails as attachments won't show the attachment list
#511 bug closed fixed undecided clone attachment list open wrong attachment
#513 bug closed fixed normal Using URLOpen in MIME, shows requester with additional "
#514 bug closed invalid undecided YAM seems not use MUI's: Window positions are...
#515 bug closed fixed normal Cannot create Mailgroup folder in Addressbook
#516 bug closed fixed normal Crash when apply a "remote filter"
#517 bug closed fixed undecided wrong character conversation after deleting attachments
#519 bug closed fixed normal Addressbook images blacked out on MorphOS
#520 bug closed fixed normal Display name of folders should be editable
#521 bug closed fixed normal Transparence in "Make a Donation" button
#523 bug closed duplicate undecided MUIRedraw error message
#524 bug closed invalid normal Cutted text on the about window
#527 bug closed invalid undecided Replying to some mails leave To-field empty
#528 bug closed fixed normal Old "hold" mails in the outgoing folder are sent out
#531 bug closed fixed normal Crash selecting a mail with the Enter key
#533 bug closed fixed normal Config GUI - Filter: Condition page ghosted
#535 bug closed worksforme normal Falsche Umlaute in den Icons/Menüs
#536 bug closed fixed normal Arexx function MAILCHECK does not work correctly
#537 bug closed fixed high Redirect menu item is disabled when in sent folder
#539 bug closed worksforme undecided Ignore notification on new mails
#540 bug closed fixed normal Crash on sending the FIRST mail
#541 bug closed fixed normal Not translated text in column menu
#434 enhancement closed fixed undecided Change the menu link to the ARexx documentation
#498 enhancement closed fixed high There should be no reply to sender / reply to all in response to a Mail-Followup-To: header when the mail is in a folder with mailing list support.
#543 enhancement closed fixed low UpdateCheck window should inform about finished downloads
#496 task closed fixed high Switch translation to use
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