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Ticket Type Status Resolution Priority Summary
#30 enhancement accepted normal Avoid folder corruption by updating more often
#33 enhancement accepted low Additional feature for "Max. age"
#34 enhancement accepted low Attach 'Scripts' menu to read/write window
#36 enhancement accepted low use .config to select .addressbook
#38 enhancement accepted low New 'On double click of attachment' event
#43 enhancement accepted low Filters' scope
#51 enhancement accepted low Allow folders icon (.fimage) management in folder properties
#56 enhancement accepted low individual folder group icons
#57 enhancement accepted high mail list => threaded listtree
#58 enhancement accepted low Printing refinement
#59 enhancement accepted low Support MIME-specific save-dir
#64 enhancement accepted low Easy access to toggle embedded pane
#69 enhancement accepted low Add possibility to edit adressbook of current mail
#74 enhancement accepted normal Implement format=flowed support!
#75 enhancement accepted low Mailing list feature to clone a thread to avoid "hijacking"
#77 enhancement accepted low GnuPG support in YAM
#89 enhancement accepted normal RFC-2369 compliant reply-to-list feature
#91 enhancement accepted low Send mail in outoing folder
#95 enhancement accepted normal Add a display delay for crsr-scrolling in folderlist
#98 enhancement accepted low Add support for .fimage_new and global .fimage
#99 enhancement accepted low Enhancement for Finding messages
#102 enhancement accepted low Add email phishing campaigns detection
#107 enhancement accepted undecided ARexx - MAILIMPORT / MAILEXPORT : return FILENAME
#110 enhancement accepted low ARexx - FOLDERNEW
#113 enhancement accepted normal Filter by categories, address book lists, groups
#122 task accepted normal User-definable toolbars
#123 task accepted low User-definable context menus
#124 task accepted high Rework/Improvement of mailing-list functionality
#125 task accepted low Completly reworked address book GUI
#126 task accepted normal HTML read mail support
#130 task accepted normal S/MIME support
#132 task accepted normal Implement a stronger password encryption mechanisms
#135 task accepted low Rework internal Error handler (window) to be a notification agent
#137 task accepted low Replace flex-based scanner with re2c based one
#142 task accepted low Hidden config editor in YAM configuration GUI
#267 enhancement accepted low Mark E-Mails with different priority
#293 bug accepted low Remove selection/highlight in "found"-list when mail is deleted
#312 task accepted low Investigate possibility to use sqlite for mail indexing/storing
#318 task accepted normal Add "Quick-Reply" feature to read window (readmailgroup)
#319 task accepted normal Complete overhaul of global configuration implementation
#322 task accepted low UpdateCheck mechanism should allow to also directly install updates
#399 enhancement accepted low Progress bar (uploading/downloading mail) in YAM's main window
#427 bug accepted normal PGP Problem when sending Mail
#567 task accepted normal Implement an account setup wizard
#522 enhancement closed invalid low Add possibility to directly specify the window number in READINFO&Co
#411 enhancement new low How about toggable status icons
#465 enhancement new low Switch image file handling to guigfx.library
#467 task new low Change build environment to use 'cmake'
#473 enhancement new low Remove the "Read" button from the main window's toolbar
#432 bug reopened low Accents not show correctly in mails
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