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Ticket Release Notes

fixed a problem where editing a mail a second time added an additional superfluous white space to the mail body.


fixed the read/unread marking of mails which was not done for all columns of the mail list.


significantly improved performance of parsing emails with large attachments. Now YAM will reuse the size parameter of each MIME part to speed up memory allocations during MIME parsing.


when enabling the "detect cyrillic code sets" functionality YAM will now warn the user in case he has setup YAM to use a non-cyrillic code set for as the local charset.


fixed a crash bug when in the write window the autosave functionality activates while typing.


restored the behavior of previous versions when resolving the names of address book mailing lists. The new method added in YAM 2.8+ caused certain problems.


fixed the partly broken support for the Mail-Reply-To (MRT) and Mail-Followup-To (MFT) headers where YAM was not suggesting the right reply addresses according to the documentation of the MRT/MFT feature.


fixed a buffer overrun in the RFC 2014 decoding routines which potentially caused unexpected crashes.


added a fresh and updated finnish translation/catalog to YAM.


fixed a problem where html parts of a mail weren't forwarded to a web browser but saved to disk instead due to not using the right file extension.


fixed a crash bug when using the gravatar image search functionality on a never set address book entry.


mail disposal is now protected by a reference counter. This makes it possible to move a mail to a different folder in concurrent processes while still accessing the same mail without accessing invalid or already freed memory. This fixes numerous different potential crash problems.


when changing a folder's path the global .folders file will be immediately saved to make the change persistent.


fixed a problem when YAM was run for the very first time after an installation without any valid .config file. Opening the config window too early caused this window to be opened without any graphics from the default theme.


fixed a bug so that any edit operation in the quick search bar will now abort a search operation in progress.


fixed a bug where the MAILINFO ARexx command caused a crash if the mail in question contained no message ID.


Fixed a bug which caused YAM to use the first matching address of a mail as user identity even if this address was the sending instead of the receiving one.


Searching user identities by address or ID will now correctly respect the identity's active state and return active identities only. In case a mail references an inactive user identity YAM will silently fall back to the next best matching identity.


Enforce disposing of all images if YAM is running on an 8 bit screen (excluding the Workbench) as soon as the image is no longer used. This works around a bug in picture.datatype which seems to keep a pointer to the screen the image was remapped to and accesses it later even if the screen no longer exists.


fixed a problem with not seeing a folder added to the folder list immediately.


The Get and Send toolbar buttons will now be disabled in case there is no active POP3 or SMTP server available.


fixed the LISTFREEZE and LISTUNFREEZE arexx commands to deal correctly with the Quiet settings of other YAM components.


implemented a completely new procedure to deal with timezone and daylight saving times as the old method were unable to identify the daylight saving time for past dates. Now the official timezone databases published by are used instead. This finally corrects the time display for old mails when DST times changes relative to the current date/time.


fixed a problem where YAM was unable to create properly UTF-8 encoded emails.


improved charset/codeset handling support when using external editors aware of UTF-8


implemented proper UTF-8 support for the whole index of a folder. This allows now to switch charsets without having to rescan a folder index.

Type: enhancement (25 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

when checking for new mails YAM will now show "Checking mails from ..." rather than "Mail Transfer from ..." which was not entirely correct.


added a low memory handler to flush all folder indexes automatically if a system is about to run low on memory.


All SPAM filter related GUI elements will now be properly disabled if the SPAM filter is completely disabled as well.


mails from the Trash folder are now excluded from the spam filter.


when opening a new window YAM will now set the title of a screen to the same title as well. This improves recognition of the currently active window as the screen titlebar will then automatically refer to YAM and thus make it possible that a user identifies by looking at the screen title bar which application is the currently active one.


Implemented a new option to trigger a snapshot action on all alive windows and to save the layout/state of certain groups and objects.


address book entries can now be sorted by clicking on the list titles similar to the mail list of the main window.


The main window layout (size+position) and list sorting options will now be automatically saved upon exiting YAM rather than forcing a user to explicitly 'snapshot' that information via the corresponding MUI functionality. An additional option in the configuration of YAM allow to disable this, thought.


implemented a new "Mail Account" column in the main mail list to be able to sort emails based on mail account/hostname a mail was received so that users can better order their mails due to the fact that since YAM 2.8 mails are now transferred asynchronously from multiple servers.


implemented a NOICONS switch for the REQUESTFILE Arexx command which will open the corresponding file requester but hide and icons (#?.info files).


Mails dragged out of the spam folder will now be marked as non-spam in case the "mark on move" option is enabled.


Printing a mail will now include a list of attachments. Additionally the printout will no longer contain a plain copy of all header lines, but a stripped down version of subject sender, receiver and date.


The mail preselection list now shows the contents of the To: header line to let users spot unwanted mails easier.


any rule of a configured filter can now be removed or an additional one added in between instead of allowing only to add/delete rules to/from the bottom of the rule list.


when adding new filters YAM will now automatically jump to the bottom of the filter rule list.


deleting or archiving a single mail will now behave consistently in every situation and correctly respect the folder's current sort order.


All kinds of links (http(s), ftp, etc) will now be underlined as well.


The single items of the list can now be activated immediately by pressing their number on the keyboard. "0" will be mapped to the 10th attachment.


The output of the external archiver command can now be redirected optionally to a console window while the archiver is running to show the progress.


The entered search string is now automatically cloned between the different pages.


The time and date information from the Date: header line will now be converted to local time if the usual "short" headers are shown. For full header display it will be shown as it is.


changed the "jumping to the first unread and/or most recent message when entering a folder" functionality to be configurable on a per folder basis instead of a being a global option only.


PGP encrypted mails can now be excluded from a search to let in run unattended without the need to enter a password.


improved online documentation ( regarding the use of quotes when specifying file/directory paths.


The position of the quick search bar is now configurable and allows the user to place the bar below the main mail list.

Type: task (5 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

implemented a new functionality to allow to define different 'incoming' and 'sent' folders per configured mail account (POP3/SMTP). This should allow to more easily and directly filter emails not requiring to explicitly define separate filters.


Implemented an 'Archive' folder which move mails to a folder named after the mail's original send date. The archive folders are excluded from deleting old mails automatically to make sure the mails are really archived until the user explicitly deletes them.


Implemented an interactive attachment reminder feature as known from Thunderbird. If enabled and the user types in certain keywords from a user definable list and no attachment has been added to the mail a reminder will be shown to inform the user that an attachment might be desired.


The write window now features a small clone of the attachment list on the first page. A context menu allows to perform the same actions as for the big list on the second page.


To cleanup the main program directory of YAM all folder directories will be automatically moved to a new subdirectory named "Folders" in the user's mail directory (which defaults to YAM's program directory if not changed via ToolTypes or the user configuration). Possibly duplicate directory names get a unique number appended. To ease folder setup it is not possible anymore to select any arbitrary path for a folder, but only the directory name within the "Folders" directory.

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