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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#17 Don't just remove "two-chars:" on reply accepted somebody enhancement low YAM 2.10
#124 Rework/Improvement of mailing-list functionality accepted task high YAM future release
#134 Add "Stop" Toolbar button which aborts e.g. filtering accepted task normal YAM 2.10
#246 Embedded mail pane to be displayed vertically accepted enhancement low YAM 2.10
#267 Mark E-Mails with different priority accepted enhancement low YAM future release
#411 How about toggable status icons new enhancement low YAM future release
#427 PGP Problem when sending Mail accepted bug normal YAM future release
#432 Accents not show correctly in mails reopened tboeckel bug low YAM future release
#465 Switch image file handling to guigfx.library new enhancement low YAM future release
#518 Rework the removal of attachments new enhancement normal YAM 2.10
#566 Add option to "GetMail" one account after another new enhancement undecided
#567 Implement an account setup wizard accepted task normal YAM future release
#570 GUI improvement (Configuration window) new enhancement undecided
#583 IMAP 'download' support new task high YAM 2.10
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