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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#566 Add option to "GetMail" one account after another new enhancement TCP/IP interface
#570 GUI improvement (Configuration window) new enhancement user interface
#581 YAM crashes sometimes during sending of e-mail new bug undefined
#584 Can't download messages form one of my providers anymore new bug undefined
#589 Proxy Server support new enhancement undefined
#594 crash during sending of e-mail new bug coding/memory
#597 Search listview does not reopen properly new bug user interface
#599 Crash at startup (bsdsocket.library) new bug undefined
#601 Missing Reply-to address in Information window new bug undefined
#602 Forwarded messages with a html view, have an unreadable attachment part1.2 new bug undefined
#610 Drag & drop does not work in addressbook window new bug undefined
#611 YAM crash during sending e-mail new bug undefined
#614 Send & Getmail error new bug undefined
#616 Wrong caracters in text new bug undefined
#107 ARexx - MAILIMPORT / MAILEXPORT : return FILENAME accepted enhancement YAM future release ARexx interface
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