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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#8 Yam 2.5+: formatting text only works on single line somebody bug undecided user interface
#13 Random crash while doing search somebody bug undecided user interface
#15 YAM crashing when dragging mail to another folder... somebody bug normal user interface
#21 Merge User-Settings with normal Configuration somebody enhancement undecided configuration
#29 Error counter-slider is too small somebody enhancement undecided undefined
#49 ARexx: RESULT in MAILSEND(ALL) enhancement undecided ARexx interface
#52 Seriously enhance multithreading within YAM enhancement undecided undefined
#65 Add received (by server) choice for sorting/column/header enhancement low mail indexing
#66 Could d&d of mails into read window work? enhancement undecided undefined
#67 Add "reset folder" to folder popupmenu enhancement undecided user interface
#70 Autosaving the entire message enhancement undecided undefined
#81 Notification for hided MIME parts... enhancement low user interface
#85 crop single files tboeckel enhancement undecided undefined
#86 Reply name entry in Address Book enhancement undecided user interface
#87 contact manager support enhancement undecided undefined
#90 Debug Output without private Data enhancement low undefined
#94 Add "Abort" toolbar-button to stop filtering in progress enhancement undecided undefined
#96 mailing list "list" headers enhancement undecided MIME handling
#97 Allow to set "preview" for each account seperately enhancement undecided undefined
#101 Support numpad delete enhancement undecided undefined
#104 Add support for DomainKeys Identified Mail aka DKIM enhancement low SPAM filter engine
#105 Add filter action to recognize as SPAM enhancement undecided SPAM filter engine
#109 ARexx - MAILUPDATE enhancement normal ARexx interface
#114 ARexx - MAILSTATUS : FILENAME as argument enhancement undecided ARexx interface
#115 multiple SMTP server to choose, for one user enhancement undecided user interface
#127 Direct xadmaster.library integration task low MIME handling
#143 Valid URL string is not highlighted completely bug low user interface
#148 TransferWindow Hits bug undecided user interface
#155 grim reaper when trying to download mails bug undecided undefined
#156 currently nightly does not download any mails? bug undecided TCP/IP interface
#157 Download of Mails fails (grim reaper) bug undecided TCP/IP interface
#161 Crash when press send now on zune 68k(YAM do push method and delete the Object before) bug low undefined
#165 DSI crash when unselected text in mail editor tboeckel bug undecided user interface
#168 New search/filter not working as expected? bug undecided mail filtering
#169 Implement a default-user feature with on-demand user-selection enhancement low user interface
#172 Attachment reminder enhancement low user interface
#189 Missing .taglines files in 2.6 release archive bug normal installation
#194 Update the URL's in README.txt enhancement low documentation
#209 Warning with signatures bug normal configuration
#259 Can't add a photo in address book/Alias bug normal addressbook
#262 Prefs/Read --> Selecting colors cause freeze bug undecided undefined
#268 Title of preselection list should be clicksortable enhancement undecided user interface
#269 Reload arrangement crash bug normal user interface
#270 Autosavefound function incomplete enhancement normal user interface
#297 Update notify without text bug undecided user interface
#320 Remove possibility to set own folder path in each folder task low configuration
#331 YAM tried to open file with previous message subject as name before crashing when sending mail bug undecided user interface
#358 A list of emails will cancel "pop up selection" bug undecided undefined
#364 Recoverable Alert on closing a ListTree/NewListTree bug high user interface
#365 english-british catalog wrong version bug low translation
#366 From: editable alternative to identities enhancement undecided undefined
#370 YAM 2.8 doesn't use signatures and erased mine! bug undecided undefined
#374 Write window crashed during editing. NListtree.mcc the culprit! bug undecided user interface
#382 Recoverable alert on OS 3.9 when clicking inbox list bug undecided user interface
#387 cc gone on 2.9 ? bug undecided undefined
#391 Cursor not remaining on selected folder tboeckel bug undecided user interface
#392 Getting mails from gmail, bug undecided undefined
#393 Crash while supposedly running an arexx script in the background. bug undecided ARexx interface
#394 Crash on deleting mail bug undecided user interface
#398 Progress Bar for uploading mail enhancement undecided undefined
#150 Docky: Make Docky icon text changable enhancement undecided user interface
#151 Notification: Add an icon to the Notification requester enhancement undecided undefined
#181 YAM crashes when deleting mails from trashcan by hand bug undecided undefined
#184 Yam nightbuild from 13/08/2010 to 21/08/2010 crash on loading on OS4upd2 bug undecided undefined
#195 Mail preview locks up bug undecided undefined
#200 Problems to navigate with cursor keys on the configuration window YAM2.7dev-20100901 bug undecided user interface
#217 Morphos Bug in archive bug undecided installation
#219 Move or delete a selection defined after a "find" bug undecided undefined
#221 Use of the "find" messages window bug undecided undefined
#224 Updatecheck crashes when new update is available bug undecided undefined
#225 Improve error message when attachment loading fails enhancement undecided undefined
#226 Crashes on exit bug undecided undefined
#229 Perform notifications only when all download-tasks are done enhancement undecided undefined
#231 Unexpected EOF bug undecided undefined
#245 MAILTO doesn't work if YAM is already running. bug undecided undefined
#253 indexing bug: subfolder "topmost" overflow bug undecided mail indexing
#254 URL highlighting fails with special chars (like Umlaute) bug undecided user interface
#256 Crash after downloading mail bug undecided undefined
#257 Crash when checking for nightly update bug undecided undefined
#260 Window borders overwrittin when window size minimized bug undecided user interface
#263 "Preview" of sound played for new mail not working in prefs bug undecided undefined
#264 Email not Base64 decoding bug undecided undefined
#265 "Mark as read" filter action enhancement undecided mail filtering
#266 "IN" filters do not work in YAM nightly build tboeckel bug undecided mail filtering
#271 Birthday feature broken bug undecided user interface
#273 Yam 2.7 bug undecided undefined
#274 yam nightly (29.09.2011) crashes when opening a mail bug undecided mail indexing
#275 grim reaper when reading a mail bug undecided mail indexing
#278 Remove necessity to double-hit Enter in To: field enhancement undecided user interface
#283 YAM overwrites/removes liked .index files bug undecided mail indexing
#286 YAM overwrites the settings of my incoming folder on startup tboeckel bug undecided undefined
#287 DSI-error while writing long e-mail bug undecided undefined
#290 Select "incoming" folder when search is opened for the first time enhancement undecided user interface
#292 How about changing the two buttons below the "search in"-list enhancement undecided user interface
#294 Double clicking an URL does highlight/mark parts of the string enhancement undecided user interface
#303 Trying to Download an update wants to save file called bug undecided undefined
#304 yam produces a gr when opening config window bug undecided configuration
#308 Missing from field enhancement undecided user interface
#323 OS3 Debug Version is corrupt bug undecided undefined
#326 update notification window always pops up after iconify bug undecided undefined
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