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#49 ARexx: RESULT in MAILSEND(ALL) enhancement undecided ARexx interface
#52 Seriously enhance multithreading within YAM enhancement undecided undefined
#53 Support for "Face:" and "X-Face:" header lines enhancement undecided YAM 2.8 user interface
#54 No-indexing startup option enhancement low YAM 2.7 mail indexing
#61 Option to disable attachment crop requesters enhancement low YAM 2.7 user interface
#63 Closing/Restarting YAM with write/answer messages opened enhancement normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#65 Add received (by server) choice for sorting/column/header enhancement low mail indexing
#66 Could d&d of mails into read window work? enhancement undecided undefined
#67 Add "reset folder" to folder popupmenu enhancement undecided user interface
#70 Autosaving the entire message enhancement undecided undefined
#71 recovering autosave.txt to clips:0 enhancement undecided YAM 2.8 undefined
#81 Notification for hided MIME parts... enhancement low user interface
#82 Enable filter to search header fields in mail parts too enhancement undecided YAM 2.7 undefined
#83 [remote] filter(s) on desired account(s) only enhancement undecided YAM 2.7 mail filtering
#86 Reply name entry in Address Book enhancement undecided user interface
#87 contact manager support enhancement undecided undefined
#90 Debug Output without private Data enhancement low undefined
#94 Add "Abort" toolbar-button to stop filtering in progress enhancement undecided undefined
#96 mailing list "list" headers enhancement undecided MIME handling
#97 Allow to set "preview" for each account seperately enhancement undecided undefined
#101 Support numpad delete enhancement undecided undefined
#104 Add support for DomainKeys Identified Mail aka DKIM enhancement low SPAM filter engine
#105 Add filter action to recognize as SPAM enhancement undecided SPAM filter engine
#109 ARexx - MAILUPDATE enhancement normal ARexx interface
#114 ARexx - MAILSTATUS : FILENAME as argument enhancement undecided ARexx interface
#115 multiple SMTP server to choose, for one user enhancement undecided user interface
#121 Multiple user identity support (similar to Thunderbird) task high YAM 2.8 user interface
#127 Direct xadmaster.library integration task low MIME handling
#128 Enhance the SPAM filter engine to recognize external SPAM checker task low YAM 2.8 SPAM filter engine
#129 Review all function argument to use 'const' if possible. task high YAM 2.7 coding/memory
#131 Add SSL certificate authentication support task normal YAM 2.8 MIME handling
#133 Integrate an automatic index backup mechanism task normal YAM 2.7 MIME handling
#136 Use NListtree instead of NList for all FolderList displays. task normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#144 Automatic folder index free operation task normal YAM 2.7 mail indexing
#148 TransferWindow Hits bug undecided user interface
#159 ARexx help command produce Hits and output trash bug normal YAM 2.6p1 ARexx interface
#164 Only reply to marked text task low YAM 2.7 user interface
#172 Attachment reminder enhancement low user interface
#186 YAM crash without e.g. NList.mcc bug normal YAM 2.7 SPAM filter engine
#189 Missing .taglines files in 2.6 release archive bug normal installation
#194 Update the URL's in README.txt enhancement low documentation
#198 growing .folders file bug low YAM 2.6p1 configuration
#199 error message when doubleclick on URL bug normal YAM 2.7 ARexx interface
#201 YAM crash if the connection fails. bug normal YAM 2.7 TCP/IP interface
#202 Wrong File name in UIDL checking. bug normal YAM 2.7 TCP/IP interface
#204 Buttons in addressbook enhancement normal YAM 2.7 addressbook
#205 Graphics corruption under AROS bug low YAM 2.6p1 user interface
#206 Check for update silent again bug normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#207 Some installer Issues with YAM 2.6p1 bug normal YAM 2.6p1 installation
#209 Warning with signatures bug normal configuration
#210 Improved UIDL support and import. enhancement normal YAM 2.7 TCP/IP interface
#211 Search function is broken bug normal YAM 2.6p1 mail filtering
#212 After a soundtest YAM can't quit. bug normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#213 YAM doesn't show the very first command send to the server. bug low YAM 2.6p1 TCP/IP interface
#214 YAM can't quit after filter action with sound. bug undecided YAM 2.7 mail filtering
#215 Some folder creation issues. bug normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#216 Mailto issue (OWB-->YAM) enhancement normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#233 Hits when getting mails with preselection. bug undecided YAM 2.7 TCP/IP interface
#238 Wrong mailsize in mainwindow bug undecided YAM 2.7 user interface
#242 DSI crash closing YAM when connection is disabled bug high YAM 2.7 user interface
#259 Can't add a photo in address book/Alias bug normal addressbook
#262 Prefs/Read --> Selecting colors cause freeze bug undecided undefined
#268 Title of preselection list should be clicksortable enhancement undecided user interface
#269 Reload arrangement crash bug normal user interface
#270 Autosavefound function incomplete enhancement normal user interface
#282 Implement Mail-Followup-To: and Mail-Reply-To: header support task normal YAM 2.8 MIME handling
#297 Update notify without text bug undecided user interface
#306 Convert amigaguide-based documentation to online version task normal YAM 2.8 documentation
#307 Unlimited amount of signatures task normal YAM 2.8 configuration
#309 Move "Status Update" in hidden config section task normal YAM 2.8 configuration
#310 Remove GUI elements in write window for attachment encoding task normal YAM 2.8 user interface
#313 remove DST notification (on certain platforms) task normal YAM 2.8 configuration
#314 Move new default folders to default position in folder listtree task normal YAM 2.8 user interface
#315 Move "New Mail" config items to identities and remove page from config task normal YAM 2.8 configuration
#316 Recipientstring should not search for recipients in a recipient list bug normal YAM 2.8 addressbook
#320 Remove possibility to set own folder path in each folder task low configuration
#321 Change IdentityChooser to allow keyboard searches/usage in write window task normal YAM 2.8p1 user interface
#353 When you click for a message on "hold" the message disappears but is lost. bug undecided YAM 2.8 undefined
#355 Add string gadget for subject to "no subject warning requester" enhancement normal YAM 2.8 user interface
#357 Another email cache problem with misspelled, ie. longer adresses bug high YAM 2.8 addressbook
#358 A list of emails will cancel "pop up selection" bug undecided undefined
#359 YAM 2.8 has connection issues with WinUAE 2.x bug undecided YAM 2.8 TCP/IP interface
#360 YAM just "auto completes" and jumps to text area bug normal YAM 2.8 user interface
#364 Recoverable Alert on closing a ListTree/NewListTree bug high user interface
#366 From: editable alternative to identities enhancement undecided undefined
#369 yam crashes as soon as i click on new message bug undecided YAM 2.8p1 undefined
#370 YAM 2.8 doesn't use signatures and erased mine! bug undecided undefined
#371 Missing ARexx command to choose an identity enhancement normal YAM 2.8p1 ARexx interface
#372 Signature settings of folders get lost bug undecided YAM 2.8p1 configuration
#373 YAM crashed while entering text in CC line and again in background bug undecided YAM 2.8p1 undefined
#374 Write window crashed during editing. NListtree.mcc the culprit! bug undecided user interface
#375 Duplication of emails in Drafts. bug undecided YAM 2.8p1 user interface
#396 Implement a special Archive folder task normal YAM 2.9 mail filtering
#397 Wrong Image Dimensions bug normal YAM 2.8p1 user interface
#421 Ghost the cycle gadget too if SPAM filter is turned off enhancement undecided YAM 2.9 user interface
#422 Config item "AltReplyBye" isn't loaded/saved correctly bug undecided YAM 2.9 configuration
#462 Missing ENTER() Macro in UpdateCheck.c -> Function BuildUpdateRequest() bug undecided YAM 2.9 coding/memory
#463 Wrong german umlauts in Mail subject and body bug undecided YAM 2.9 charset handling
#468 YAM crash while (auto) saving Indexes bug undecided mail indexing
#470 YAM crashes after edit a mail bug undecided user interface
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