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#1 fixed Remote filter: emails not visible when set to be left on server somebody AlexC

I use a remote filter which sets matching emails to "Don't download" and with 2.6 what happens is that they are not shown in the download pre-selection window so they stay on the server unnoticed.

#2 fixed EOL char deleted when re-editing message tboeckel stevebow@…

When you edit a message in the Outgoing folder, the very last EOL char is deleted.

For example, start a new message, then after the sig press <Enter> several times, then Hold the message.

Edit that message (now in Outgoing) and the very last EOL is gone. Hold and Edit again, and once more the last EOL is gone. This continues until the last EOL char is gone, but any ASCII (such as the sig itself) is not affected.

I have tried this with SimpleMail but the problem is not present, so it appears to be an issue with YAM and not TextEditor.

Using YAM 24/3/06 and TextEditor.mcc 15.17, OS4/A1XE.

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#3 worksforme Don't accept () as email delimiters somebody tactica@…

If <> are the only valid email delimiters as the comments to feature request #583703 seem to imply, YAM shouldn't accept () in the first place when writing an email. Currently YAM won't complain at all if you post a message with a From: header like "name (user@host)".

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