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#6 fixed charset issue in mail listviews damato exie_czex@…

Czech and Slovak localization of AmigaOS 3.x upto OS3.9 use so called Amiga-E2 encoding. Recently external charset table was created for codesets.library.

Header and mail body are displayed correctly but mail recipient (To), mail sender (From) and subject in mail listviews contains wrong characters. I guess the same problem apply to other non-standard encodings too.

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#7 fixed Handling of charsets (e.g. UTF-8) when using external editor. damato emptystate@…

When receiving an email with a charset that is not supported by the font system (I think, I don't know how YAM is detecting this charset), YAM shows a question mark for every character that is not standard ASCII. When YAM passes this mail to an external program or saves as a file it still replaces the characters with question marks. YAM should not replace these characters in these situations.

For example, my friend recently sent me an email in UTF-8 with an attachment. Their MUA decided to package the text as base64. In YAM when I read this mail I get "????? ?? ????" etc in the message window. If I save the displayed message I get the same "????? ?? ????" etc, if I save the raw message I get base64. If I try to reply and call an external editor that can handle the character coding, YAM passes it the "????? ?? ????" text instead of the original text.

Just FYI, this did not occur in YAM 2.4.

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#9 fixed Wrong UTF-8 Support damato opiopi

Hi Develoers

I think YAM does not support the UTF-8 encoding correct.

Here is a Step by Step example:

  1. Write a new Mail (Type and To and Subject).
  2. Switch to the Options Tab.
  3. Select UTF-8 as Charset.
  4. Switch back to the Message Tab.
  5. Type some non ASCII Letters (e.g. the Euro Sign and ��� ��� �).
  6. Click "Hold".
  7. Switch to the Outguing Folder.
  8. Select the Mail you just wrote.
  9. Click Read in the Toolbar.
  10. Look at the Content-Type it's text/plain; charset=UTF-8 11. But in the Mail you see "? ? ???" but it should "� ��� ��� �"

The cause it that YAM does not encode the Mail to UTF-8 if you click on the "Hold" Button. If you then open the Mail for Read YAM seems to try to decode the UTF-8 Mail but can't find any UTF-8 sequence and you see the question marks.

Hope anybody can fix that...


Best Regards Frank (Opi) Weber

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