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#1 fixed Remote filter: emails not visible when set to be left on server somebody AlexC

I use a remote filter which sets matching emails to "Don't download" and with 2.6 what happens is that they are not shown in the download pre-selection window so they stay on the server unnoticed.

#12 fixed LISTFREEZE MAILS damato AmigaPhil

Nightly build 2009-09-25, OS3

The ARexx command LISTFREEZE MAILS does not freeze the mail list anymore (newer mails added are shown, as well as selections).

Also, there is a race problem with ARexx scripts, the MAILSTATUS command, and the "auto mark-as-read" feature. By the time the Arexx script make a mail current with SETMAIL, change its status to - lets' say - "U" (unread), and finish doing something with the current mail before making another mail current, the mail that was marked as unread is then marked as read by the auto mark timeout (thus 'sabotaging' the MAILSTATUS U command). I suggest that the 'LISTFREEZE MAILS' command also inhibit the "auto mark-as-read" behavior until a 'LISTUNFREEZE MAILS' command is reached.

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#31 fixed Spam folder available by default tboeckel AmigaPhil

When you first install YAM (at least v2.5), 4 folders are already available: Incoming, Outgoing, Sent, and Trash. The Spam folder is only created when you enable the internal spam check feature.

I think the Spam folder should be available out-of-the-box as well, so that an external program (like another spam filter) can immediately make use of it. (There is no ARexx command yet to create a new folder.)

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