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#534 fixed "Apply remote filter" config entry is lost tboeckel stellan

If you update Yam from an old verions (2.5) to 2.9 and load the .config file form 2.5 to 2.9 then the "Apply remote filter" setting is lost. Attached is .config form Yam 2.5

#378 fixed "Apply to sent" filter moving a sent mail leaves Outgoing folder with wrong number of mails tboeckel tboeckel

Reported privately by Jürgen Lucas:

Yam MorphOS nightly build from 22-Jan-2013

First create a filter that "apply to sent mail" compare something that will fit to the new email that you will create in step 2 and select as action move to folder trash (or some other user defined folder). Second write a new mail that will fit to the just created filter and sent this mail. Now you will see that yam show you 1 unread email in outgoing folder in the foldertree. If you go to folder outgoing you will see that the folder is empty, because the filter moved your new email away. just update the index from outgoing to fix this. look at the trash folder and you will find your moved email there.

after moving some email by filter the affected folders should get a index update.

#266 fixed "IN" filters do not work in YAM nightly build tboeckel chris@…

A filter set to search a file does not work in the latest nightly build 26-06-2011. This function did work in YAM 2.6p1.

To reproduce: Set up a new filter with the following details:

Comparison: Search in From IN .test-addresses Click on the arrow next to .test-addresses and type an email address to apply the filter to. Save and close the new file.

Action: Move to Folder

Clicking Filter will not filter the expected email(s). Setting a From filter with an address, rather than creating a file with a list of addresses does work as expected however.

Snoopy reports the file is getting opened, so that isn't the cause of the problem: 00036 : YAM : o.k. = Open(".test-addresses",OLD) = [0x15DF1EC0] [222uS]

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