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#534 fixed "Apply remote filter" config entry is lost tboeckel stellan

If you update Yam from an old verions (2.5) to 2.9 and load the .config file form 2.5 to 2.9 then the "Apply remote filter" setting is lost. Attached is .config form Yam 2.5

#378 fixed "Apply to sent" filter moving a sent mail leaves Outgoing folder with wrong number of mails tboeckel tboeckel

Reported privately by Jürgen Lucas:

Yam MorphOS nightly build from 22-Jan-2013

First create a filter that "apply to sent mail" compare something that will fit to the new email that you will create in step 2 and select as action move to folder trash (or some other user defined folder). Second write a new mail that will fit to the just created filter and sent this mail. Now you will see that yam show you 1 unread email in outgoing folder in the foldertree. If you go to folder outgoing you will see that the folder is empty, because the filter moved your new email away. just update the index from outgoing to fix this. look at the trash folder and you will find your moved email there.

after moving some email by filter the affected folders should get a index update.

#572 worksforme "Delete/Remove" old mails on quit - not working on *first* quit tboeckel Raziel


When i have "deleted" mails sitting in "Trash" and quit YAM it won't delete them. When i restart YAM, those mails are still there and will get deleted when i quit YAM a second time.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start YAM
  2. Produce some mails and delete them
  3. Quit YAM
  4. Reopen YAM - the mails are still in trash

(See below, it might be a problem with a second action performed)

Expected results

I have set Config in Startup/Quit to "Delete old mail", "Remove deleted mail" and like it to work as expected

Actual results

Deleted mails stay in Trash until i reopen YAM and quit it again


Not sure if it's a regression, i never really realized that there were mails still in Trash on a quit. I normally start YAM once and quit it once and then turn off the Amiga.

I don't know the inner workings of YAM but the only thing i could think of interfering here is the "Delete old mail"'s doing just that on quit, deleting mails older than 720 days in folders set up to do so.

Maybe that "search and destroy" of old mails keeps YAM from performing the second action of "removing deleted mails" and simply quits after it done it's first action?

After a restart of YAM (on the same day) there are obviously no old mails to delete (as it has been performed just before) so instead of being distracted to look for old mails YAM is actually performing the "Remove old mails" action.

That is, of course, a magnificient shot in the dark ;-)


Yam 2.9p1 [OS4/PPC] Compilation Date: 18.04.2014 (GCC 4.7.1.r7798)

AmigaOS4u6 (all updates)

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