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#562 fixed Please no Passwords in Logfiles tboeckel opiopi

I just send a mail with the debug version of YAM an saw my password into the logfile. IMHO it's not really required and a big security hole to include the password in plain or base64 encoded form and should be replaced with someting like xxx. The lines are: smtp.c:1006:prepared AUTH LOGIN challenge: 'MyOffCurseNotWorkingPasswort' smtp.c:1018:encoded AUTH LOGIN challenge: 'TXlPZmZDdXJzZU5vdFdvcmtpbmdQYXNzd29ydA==' don't try the password it's really not working because it's changed. A user who want to debug has the debug argument YAM which show the password in base64 encoded form.

used version: YAM 2.10-dev (09.05.2014) Copyright (C) 2000-2014 YAM Open Source Team [OS3/m68k, r7846]

#561 fixed automatic mail check not working in nightly?! tboeckel MichaelMerkel


I use the current (latest) nightly 20.6185 (r3383). i have YAM iconified and know that there is one mail on the server. server settings are set to check each minute. but yam does not check... i waited and watched the icon on screen - does not work.

Steps to reproduce

  1. start yam
  2. configure auto mail check on a server
  3. wait...

don't know since when this is no longer working here... i use os4.1 beta on a X1000 - maybe the bug lies there?

regards... michael

#560 duplicate Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host '' Andreas Wolf <pegasos.morphos@…>

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start YAM
  2. Click 'Get'

Expected results

Download of new mail

Actual results

Error message: "Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host '' of account 'xxx'."


See attached debug log and TCP/IP settings screenshot

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