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#543 fixed UpdateCheck window should inform about finished downloads tboeckel Raziel


The UpdateCheck window stays silent when a user is downloading, hence no indication of a finished download is given.

Background analysis

At least a window telling the user that a download has finished should be shown. The better and user friendlier solution would be to use progress bars on every single available download (if possible) that will show up once the user clicks on "Download"

Implementation recommendation

I know about task #322 and having the UpdateCheck overhauled to a whole new level...i like that :-) Maybe this progress bar request can be used as a stop-gap on the way to an automated UpdateCheck/Installer?

#542 invalid MUI window gadget for popup menu don`t work stellan

If two write message windows are open the MUI window gadget for popup menu doesn't work on all windows (write message windows and yam main window). Doesn't work mean a click on the gadget does nothing, no popup menu appears. Using YAM 2.10-dev (18.03.2014).

#541 fixed Not translated text in column menu tboeckel samo79

The 4 options in the "Column" menu of YAM is translable (they are all availible in the original catalog descriptor) but they doesn't work, infact even if you use another language that 4 strings still in english

The "broken" strings are:

msgctxt "MSG_MA_CTX_DEFWIDTH_THIS (1476)" msgid "Default width: this"

msgctxt "MSG_MA_CTX_DEFWIDTH_ALL (1477)" msgid "Default width: all"

msgctxt "MSG_MA_CTX_DEFORDER_THIS (1478)" msgid "Default order: this"

msgctxt "MSG_MA_CTX_DEFORDER_ALL (1479)" msgid "Default order: all"

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