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#549 fixed Installation script error damato sebastian@…


In the installation script of Polish version there is an error.

In line 124 there is a missing "w" letter.

There is: (set #no_way_back_ arning (cat "OSTRZEZENIE!!\n"

Should be (missing letter is bolded): (set #no_way_back_warning (cat "OSTRZEZENIE!!\n"

#548 fixed Make sure to flush a catalog from memory in case old version is found. tboeckel damato


Right after the release of YAM 2.9p1 we received numerous false positive bug reports (see #546) regarding incorrectly shipped catalog versions. However, the main fault here was that people simple forgot and even overlooked the fact that they have to reboot their systems for the catalog to be wiped from memory and reread from disks. It would therefore be a good idea to investigate if there are possibilities to flush such an old version of a catalog file from memory in case it is found.

Background analysis

As it stands we probably have the following theoretical solutions for the problem:

1) Find a way to actually flush a catalog file from memory. In principle this should be the same like flushing a library from memory which we also already partly do for old mcc versions in YAM.c 2) Enhance the warning/error message to actually try to load the catalog file from disk for checking the actual version and suggesting to reboot the machine to get the catalog flushed. 3) Enhance the Install-YAM installer script to actually force a reboot after an successful installation.

Implementation recommendation

Optimally YAM should implement option (1) for flushing a catalog from memory in case an old version is found. However, it has to be investigated if that is actually possible or if this might bring up other problems.

#547 invalid User guide won't open with Finnish locale marko.raina@…


YAM WWW user guide won't open if using Finnish locale. The web browser is trying to open a non-existing address

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select menu Help-Contents

Expected results

As there is no Finnish web user guide yet, the browser should be directed to

Actual results

The browser is directed to non-existing



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