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#609 fixed CC parser adds wrong address if given address is broken tboeckel Raziel


If i write (by accident, of course ;-) ) a broken address into the CC field and open that eMail after trying to send (it's not being sent, of course) in YAM's editor with "Edit", YAM or the Editor's parser is changing the broken address to soemthing else by cutting a part off and adding something on it's own, which is wrong. It's probably replacing the broken part from the 1st users eMail address or something like that.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click on New eMail
  2. Use any eMail address in the TO field
  3. Use i.e. "A Stupid User <stupid@" as CC address (mind the missing closing >!!!)

(Also don't put the space in there, YAM's bug tracker will cut the address off, which is good :-) )

  1. Now try to send the will get caught by the throws a 501 for me, but YAM will also put the eMail into OUTGOING
  2. Mark and EDIT that eMail...the CC field is filled with "A@" for me...which is more than wrong :-)

But it shows that the parser is trying to fix the problem by taking the address from my address (i think) which happens to be

Expected results

Not really sure, maybe an error requester on sending that the format of the address is wrong or broken, just like it happens with when i miss the subject?

Actual results

Described above, plus a shortly puzzled user who asks himself wtf is wrong again with the server ;-)


No idea, never happened before though, as long as i can remember


1) It's interesting that if i write a valid address in the TO field it's still not being sent. 2) If i doubleclick the broken eMail to simply show it, the broken address is still there (so i guess it's a problem in the Editor?) 3) If i only use two words with a space, i.e. "Stupid User" the whole CC field will be erased when i open it in the Editor, three or more words and it will show up broken.

#608 fixed YAM crashes when OS detects DST change tboeckel hypex


I am using OS4.1 U6. The OS put up a message when it detected a daylight saving change. I confirmed it. Then saw YAM crashed in the background. I grabbed the reaper log.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run YAM in background.
  2. Be in a timezone where a DST change is going to occur. :-)
  3. When OS notices DST change allow it to change clock.
  4. By now YAM should have crashed.

Expected results


Actual results

Simple crash. Recoverable.


I checked the tickets for similar cases. Found none alike. I think this may be a hidden bug I have seen before but as it only happens once a year easy to forget I had saved it. :-)

#607 fixed Use the new title class instead of "old" register class javierdlr


Can at least for AOS4 the new title class be sued insetad of "old" register class?


Files affected: TCPIPConfigPage.c, LookFeelConfigPage.c, IdentitiesConfigPage.c, FiltersConfigPage.c and WriteWindow.c (hope they are all)

Enhancement recommendation

Example for TCPIPConfigPage.c: .. #if define(amigaos4)

MUIA_ConfigPage_Contents, VGroup,

Child, TitleObject,

Child, TextObject, MUIA_Text_Contents,rtitles[0], End, Child, TextObject, MUIA_Text_Contents,rtitles[1], End,



MUIA_ConfigPage_Contents, RegisterGroup(rtitles),

MUIA_CycleChain, TRUE,

#endif ..

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