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#545 fixed Crash in Configuration/Signature tboeckel Raziel


If you copy something (anything) into the "Signature text" field while it's not in use and leave it there while cancelling the changes YAM will crash

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Notepad or any other text based program
  2. Enter dkjgbjdshngjksödhgiösihdsf
  3. Mark what you typed
  4. Right-Amiga + C it (copy to Clipboard)
  5. In YAM go to Config/Signature

My signature tab looks like this:

Signatures: Default Signature

Signature: Active - Checked

Description: Default Signature

Signature Text: Completely empty All three buttons beneath the Signature text are greyed out Append a file as signature instead: Checked Path to the signature file

  1. Now click once into the "Description" field underneath the "Active" checkmark (a cursor should be visible now behind the text "Default signature")
  2. Press the TAB key (you'll see a border appear underneath around the "Description" field when it gets activated)
  3. Press Right-Amiga + V to paste your Clipboard text here
  4. The last step is to click on "Cancel" and then on "Close Window" and it crashes

Expected results

No crash and probably no possibility to activate the "Signature text" field using TAB when it's not meant to be in use

Actual results

The possibility to activate and paste into the "Signature text" filed while it's not in use and crashing YAM :-)


I have no idea if this is a regression as i never tried to do the above.

What i know is that it also happens in v2.9...i checked before updating


Hmm, notes, notes...ah, ok

Thank you for the very best eMail program on every platform out there :-)

#544 wontfix Allow the internal update mechanism to "Check on startup" Raziel


YAM 2.9 has a new update in the queue (2.9p1)

I know that because after i start YAM i received eMails from the mailinglist telling so and reminders from sourceforge that there is an update waiting.

Yet i don't get *any* indication from YAM itself. It downloaded all the new mails and then just sat there. (The config setting is set to "Daily" and "3 am")

Only after i used the "Check for updates" Project menu item it presented me with the available update.

If it weren't for the mails i wouldn't know that there was one. (Granted, i would probably have done a manual download after i read the mails, but i think that isn't the point of an internal update checker, is it?)


I have turned off the upload/download transfer window which already resulted in similar problems, described and (partially) fixed in bug items #543 and #399. I don't know if they are related to this one, i'm just adding them for conveniance.

I have set YAM to only use sound for downloaded mails and AmigaOS4's Notifications. Notifications does not have any information printed that there is an update either, so i think YAM hasn't checked (yet?) or the functionality of notifying about updates isn't available (?)

Enhancement recommendation

I'd like to ask for two additions to the Config/Updates tab and to the main window.

Updates tab: Would adding a new item to the pull down menu labeled "on startup" together with the functionality to check and inform on startup be possible? I don't know if that functionality is already built in, then again it doesn't seem to work for me.

Main window: A little icon indicating there is an update available would be nice, with the functionality to open the updates window once the user clicks on it. Either one that is ghosted if there is no update and colored up if there is or completely hidden if not and visible if yes. Together with the possibility to turn all other indicators off (i.e. bringing up the whole update window) and only show/hide that update icon.

#543 fixed UpdateCheck window should inform about finished downloads tboeckel Raziel


The UpdateCheck window stays silent when a user is downloading, hence no indication of a finished download is given.

Background analysis

At least a window telling the user that a download has finished should be shown. The better and user friendlier solution would be to use progress bars on every single available download (if possible) that will show up once the user clicks on "Download"

Implementation recommendation

I know about task #322 and having the UpdateCheck overhauled to a whole new level...i like that :-) Maybe this progress bar request can be used as a stop-gap on the way to an automated UpdateCheck/Installer?

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