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#569 worksforme Editing/saving address book sometimes corrupts it nbache


Sometimes, but unfortunately not always, when I make a change in the address book and save it, the next time I start YAM, it crashes. When i check the contents of the .addressbook file, it has rearranged the entries and among other things put all the @ENDGROUP lines together at the end of the file.

I have tried starting a fresh address book and making a few groups and persons to see if I could reproduce it for this report, but unfortunately not. Today I even tried restoring my address book from my nightly backup and re-doing the exact change which made it happen, and it didn't happen again.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a largish address book with multiple groups and entries (?)
  2. Make a change to one of the entries
  3. Close YAM and start it again

Expected results

Normal start.

Actual results

A crash; sometimes a DSI (in fact many after each other, when one is ignored, the next one comes - eventually I just reboot), sometimes an "Unknown". I noticed LoadABook (or similar) close to the top. And I also see in the loading progress messages in the splash window that the address book is currently being loaded.



Sorry for the imperfect report. I thought I would be able to reproduce a "clean" test case and save a crash log from it, but couldn't (see above). I'll attach a crash log later if I get one. But it may not be so relevant - the crash is obviously caused by the already corrupted address book file, so the problem must be in the saving or editing of the address book. Anyway, I thought it was better to make this report than to keep silent about it.

#568 duplicate Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host antibike

Beim Versuch Emails per SMTP ueber '' oder '' zu versenden bekomme ich folgende Fehlermeldung als Doppelpack (hier das Beispiel fuer

Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host ''. (07.06.14 10:46:13) --- Couldn't connect to host ''. The mail server is currently down or doesn't support the SMTP protocols. (07.06.14 10:46:13)

Das ganze scheint etwas Tageszeit abhaengig zu sein. Hin und wieder kann ich Emails versenden, auch wenn der Verbingungsaufbau zum SMTP sehr langsam ist. Meistens aber kann ich keine Emails versenden.

#565 worksforme DSI crash at exit samo79


I wasn't able to reproduce it, however I got a (skippable) DSI crash when i exit from the program

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open YAM and open the Prefs window aswell
  2. Then just try to quit YAM (pressing its close gadget)

Expected results

It crashed on latest night build, see crashlog

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