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#218 new threaded send not working? tboeckel bug undecided YAM 2.7 TCP/IP interface
#328 nightly os3 doesn't load theme images bug normal YAM 2.8 user interface
#117 no From: header in mail - > empty from field bug low YAM 2.6p1 user interface
#171 notification window on os4.1 has no text bug low YAM 2.6p1 user interface
#92 open folders in tree automatically tboeckel enhancement undecided YAM 2.7 user interface
#288 please add a "reply" possibility for the sent items tboeckel enhancement normal YAM 2.8 user interface
#19 previous message in thread requester tboeckel enhancement normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#71 recovering autosave.txt to clips:0 enhancement undecided YAM 2.8 undefined
#313 remove DST notification (on certain platforms) task normal YAM 2.8 configuration
#574 smtp send on port 587 impossible ? bug undecided TCP/IP interface
#458 support for mailnglists is brooken tboeckel bug normal YAM 2.9 addressbook
#176 the about window can only be closed with the escape key tboeckel bug low YAM 2.7 user interface
#558 to much mails shown in the logfile tboeckel bug undecided YAM 2.10 coding/memory
#580 trac error bug undecided undefined
#326 update notification window always pops up after iconify bug undecided undefined
#424 version 18/9 crashes when typing new message tboeckel bug undecided YAM 2.9 undefined
#517 wrong character conversation after deleting attachments tboeckel bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 charset handling
#459 wrong german translation tboeckel bug normal YAM 2.9 translation
#551 wrong icon info file in archive for 2.9p1 (os4) tboeckel bug normal YAM 2.10 installation
#146 yam 2.6 (MorphOS) freeze when using find on folder with encrypted mails bug undecided YAM 2.8 PGP/GPG encryption
#147 yam 2.6 installation fails tboeckel bug normal YAM 2.6p1 installation
#369 yam crashes as soon as i click on new message bug undecided YAM 2.8p1 undefined
#274 yam nightly (29.09.2011) crashes when opening a mail bug undecided mail indexing
#429 yam nightly grim reaper when jumping to next new mail tboeckel bug undecided YAM 2.9 undefined
#304 yam produces a gr when opening config window bug undecided configuration
1 2 3 4 5 6
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