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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#320 Remove possibility to set own folder path in each folder task low configuration
#44 More signatures somebody enhancement undecided YAM 2.8 undefined
#52 Seriously enhance multithreading within YAM enhancement undecided undefined
#70 Autosaving the entire message enhancement undecided undefined
#94 Add "Abort" toolbar-button to stop filtering in progress enhancement undecided undefined
#96 mailing list "list" headers enhancement undecided MIME handling
#97 Allow to set "preview" for each account seperately enhancement undecided undefined
#115 multiple SMTP server to choose, for one user enhancement undecided user interface
#172 Attachment reminder enhancement low user interface
#270 Autosavefound function incomplete enhancement normal user interface
#366 From: editable alternative to identities enhancement undecided undefined
#153 Columns in mail transfer window cannot be saved. bug normal YAM 2.7 user interface
#184 Yam nightbuild from 13/08/2010 to 21/08/2010 crash on loading on OS4upd2 bug undecided undefined
#189 Missing .taglines files in 2.6 release archive bug normal installation
#221 Use of the "find" messages window bug undecided undefined
#231 Unexpected EOF bug undecided undefined
#245 MAILTO doesn't work if YAM is already running. bug undecided undefined
#251 Get mails from multiples pop3 fails bug undecided YAM 2.7 TCP/IP interface
#257 Crash when checking for nightly update bug undecided undefined
#275 grim reaper when reading a mail bug undecided mail indexing
#300 new identity feature: new entered email address is not taken bug undecided YAM 2.8 configuration
#326 update notification window always pops up after iconify bug undecided undefined
#327 OS3 version doesn't load theme images anymore bug undecided user interface
#331 YAM tried to open file with previous message subject as name before crashing when sending mail bug undecided user interface
#340 grim reaper after fetching mails from server bug undecided YAM 2.8 undefined
#347 Crash after deleting an incoming message damato bug normal YAM 2.8 MIME handling
#350 Attached files are broken bug undecided YAM 2.8 undefined
#370 YAM 2.8 doesn't use signatures and erased mine! bug undecided undefined
#404 GR (DSI) on starting YAM2.9dev (9.07.2013) bug undecided YAM 2.9 undefined
#406 launching YAM outputs TZ: 'Europe/Berlin' bug undecided build environment
#415 Crash while checking new mail on single account bug normal YAM 2.9 ARexx interface
#430 PGP Problem when sending Mail bug undecided YAM 2.9 PGP/GPG encryption
#450 folder index update bug undecided YAM 2.9 mail indexing
#485 Crash in the install script preprocessing. bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 installation
#486 Signature will get two leading and two ending unterlines at email addresses und URLs bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 configuration
#487 OS4 YAM 2.9 Installer script has bug and won't execute bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 installation
#494 MUI_Redraw task mismatch bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 user interface
#512 clone Attachment list will not be opened with drag and drop a email from maillist bug undecided user interface
#523 MUIRedraw error message bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 multithreading
#560 Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host '' bug undecided TCP/IP interface
#568 Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host bug undecided TCP/IP interface
#575 I am getting a message about failing to initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 when I try to get mail bug normal YAM 2.10 TCP/IP interface
#595 DSI error when trying to save a new signature bug normal YAM 2.10 coding/memory
#604 Error message, can't use YAM anymore bug normal YAM 2.10 coding/memory
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