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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#8 Yam 2.5+: formatting text only works on single line somebody bug undecided user interface
#21 Merge User-Settings with normal Configuration somebody enhancement undecided configuration
#28 Change the behaviour after deleting mails. somebody enhancement low YAM 2.7 user interface
#53 Support for "Face:" and "X-Face:" header lines enhancement undecided YAM 2.8 user interface
#54 No-indexing startup option enhancement low YAM 2.7 mail indexing
#66 Could d&d of mails into read window work? enhancement undecided undefined
#81 Notification for hided MIME parts... enhancement low user interface
#85 crop single files tboeckel enhancement undecided undefined
#87 contact manager support enhancement undecided undefined
#90 Debug Output without private Data enhancement low undefined
#101 Support numpad delete enhancement undecided undefined
#104 Add support for DomainKeys Identified Mail aka DKIM enhancement low SPAM filter engine
#114 ARexx - MAILSTATUS : FILENAME as argument enhancement undecided ARexx interface
#127 Direct xadmaster.library integration task low MIME handling
#133 Integrate an automatic index backup mechanism task normal YAM 2.7 MIME handling
#143 Valid URL string is not highlighted completely bug low user interface
#150 Docky: Make Docky icon text changable enhancement undecided user interface
#182 Icons are drawn with pink border on OS3.9 bug undecided YAM 2.6p1 user interface
#225 Improve error message when attachment loading fails enhancement undecided undefined
#229 Perform notifications only when all download-tasks are done enhancement undecided undefined
#260 Window borders overwrittin when window size minimized bug undecided user interface
#278 Remove necessity to double-hit Enter in To: field enhancement undecided user interface
#283 YAM overwrites/removes liked .index files bug undecided mail indexing
#292 How about changing the two buttons below the "search in"-list enhancement undecided user interface
#532 Nightly build and debug archive enhancement undecided undefined
#544 Allow the internal update mechanism to "Check on startup" enhancement normal YAM 2.10 installation
#596 Option to clear spam folder on exit automatically enhancement normal configuration
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