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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 Don't accept () as email delimiters somebody bug low YAM 2.7 MIME handling
#129 Review all function argument to use 'const' if possible. task high YAM 2.7 coding/memory
#146 yam 2.6 (MorphOS) freeze when using find on folder with encrypted mails bug undecided YAM 2.8 PGP/GPG encryption
#180 new nlist + nightly yam: crash when using cursor right in mailfolder list bug undecided YAM 2.7 user interface
#219 Move or delete a selection defined after a "find" bug undecided undefined
#243 Crash after deletion bug high YAM 2.7 XPK compression
#253 indexing bug: subfolder "topmost" overflow bug undecided mail indexing
#256 Crash after downloading mail bug undecided undefined
#286 YAM overwrites the settings of my incoming folder on startup tboeckel bug undecided undefined
#287 DSI-error while writing long e-mail bug undecided undefined
#328 nightly os3 doesn't load theme images bug normal YAM 2.8 user interface
#447 YAM crashes during sending of an e-mail bug undecided YAM 2.9 undefined
#452 YAM craashed after opeinng Find window bug undecided YAM 2.9 user interface
#475 Doubleclick on interenet adresses does not work anymore bug undecided YAM 2.9 user interface
#477 Highlight selected links enhancement undecided YAM 2.9 user interface
#492 AmigaPL->UTF-8 for sending mails problem bug normal YAM 2.9p1 charset handling
#501 YAM crashes when auto-saving emails bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 undefined
#535 Falsche Umlaute in den Icons/Menüs damato bug normal YAM 2.9p1 charset handling
#539 Ignore notification on new mails bug undecided YAM 2.9p1 user interface
#546 German catalog file doesn't work bug undecided user interface
#554 ClearFolderMails crash bug normal YAM 2.10 mail indexing
#565 DSI crash at exit bug undecided undefined
#569 Editing/saving address book sometimes corrupts it bug normal YAM 2.10 addressbook
#572 "Delete/Remove" old mails on quit - not working on *first* quit tboeckel bug normal YAM 2.10 mail indexing
#574 smtp send on port 587 impossible ? bug undecided TCP/IP interface
#587 YAM cannot send attached emails bug undecided undefined
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