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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#411 How about toggable status icons enhancement low YAM future release user interface
#465 Switch image file handling to guigfx.library enhancement low YAM future release user interface
#473 Remove the "Read" button from the main window's toolbar tboeckel enhancement low YAM future release user interface
#570 GUI improvement (Configuration window) enhancement undecided user interface
#581 YAM crashes sometimes during sending of e-mail bug undecided undefined
#584 Can't download messages form one of my providers anymore bug undecided undefined
#588 DSI error when try to reopen YAM from its mailbox appicon bug undecided undefined
#589 Proxy Server support enhancement undecided undefined
#464 Restructure folder tree loading process task high YAM 2.10 configuration
#467 Change build environment to use 'cmake' damato task low YAM future release build environment
#569 Editing/saving address book sometimes corrupts it bug undecided addressbook
#566 Add option to "GetMail" one account after another enhancement undecided TCP/IP interface
#583 IMAP 'download' support task high YAM 2.10 TCP/IP interface
#518 Rework the removal of attachments enhancement normal YAM 2.10 MIME handling
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