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#34 Attach 'Scripts' menu to read/write window somebody enhancement low major
#293 Remove selection/highlight in "found"-list when mail is deleted bug low nightly build minor
#399 Progress bar (uploading/downloading mail) in YAM's main window enhancement low 2.8 major
#51 Allow folders icon (.fimage) management in folder properties enhancement low minor
#56 individual folder group icons enhancement low major
#57 mail list => threaded listtree enhancement high major
#58 Printing refinement enhancement low minor
#64 Easy access to toggle embedded pane enhancement low minor
#75 Mailing list feature to clone a thread to avoid "hijacking" enhancement low minor
#95 Add a display delay for crsr-scrolling in folderlist enhancement normal minor
#98 Add support for .fimage_new and global .fimage enhancement low major
#122 User-definable toolbars task normal major
#123 User-definable context menus task low major
#126 HTML read mail support task normal major
#132 Implement a stronger password encryption mechanisms task normal major
#135 Rework internal Error handler (window) to be a notification agent task low major
#142 Hidden config editor in YAM configuration GUI task low minor
#267 Mark E-Mails with different priority enhancement low nightly build major
#318 Add "Quick-Reply" feature to read window (readmailgroup) task normal major
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