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#603 Error validating server certificate for 'pop.gmail.com:995' TCP/IP interface YAM 2.10 bug Aug 18, 2015


Since a couple of weeks everytme I GET message I get a window with: Error validating server certificate for 'pop.gmail.com:995' clicking on ACCEPT downloads the message without problem.

'ca-bundle.crt' getting "old"?

Steps to reproduce

  1. I just click on GET
  2. Window/Requester pops up, clicking on ACCEPT downloads messages ok.

Expected results

Downloading from pop.gmail.com without warning requester.

Actual results



#530 Initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session error during "GetMail" TCP/IP interface YAM 2.10 bug Feb 17, 2014

Using YAM.debug 2.10-dev [OS3/m68k, date 16.02.2014 (build 20140216)

I`ve two active email accounts and when I click on "Get" I get initialize SSL errors. If I do "Check single account" most times I get the same error but somtimes it works. I guess that the slow internet connection (56k modem) might be responsilbe for this. At least if e.g. IBrowse is downloading something I always get the error.

Attached are debug logs (Yam_SSL_Error.txt and Yam_SSL_Works.txt) where I get the error and when it works. If I need to change debug flags/classes for the lop, please let me know.

#399 Progress bar (uploading/downloading mail) in YAM's main window user interface YAM future release enhancement Jun 5, 2013

Ongoing Mail uploads/downloads are shown (with size, amount of mails and progress bar) in a seperate window (which can be switched off/on in config/miscellaneous/transfer window) if the user chooses to display it.

If not, then there is only little information that uploading/downloading is going on (YAM displays a text in it's top right corner that mails are being up-/downloaded)

I'd like to ask if there could be an option so that, if the user chooses to "hide always" this seperate window, the progress bar (maybe even size and amount of mails, if possible) for uploading/downloading mails will be displayed in the same place (the white bar between the top icons and the mail list window which holds the active mail drawer on the left side and i.e. the filter progress bar on the right side).

It could be the same size and same position where the mailfilter's operation draws it's progress bar.

Thank you very much

AmigaOS4.1.6 YAM 2.8

#293 Remove selection/highlight in "found"-list when mail is deleted user interface YAM future release bug Mar 20, 2012

YAM 2.8-dev [OS4/PPC]

The situation:

  • Open the search GUI
  • search for something
  • double click a result (read window will open here)
  • press delete in the read window (next mail will open, which is not the mail that will be highlighted next in the "found" list).

The use could think that the mail displayed is the one selected in the list. So one way would be to display the next mail in the list (which probably would be the hard way ;)) or just no mail is highlighted in the "found"-list, after the selected got deleted. This is probably the easy way and avoid confusion, too. ;)

#246 Embedded mail pane to be displayed vertically user interface YAM 2.10 enhancement Jan 18, 2011


An option is wanted to flip the embedded mail view from horizontal to vertical view to place it left or right to the mail list.

Expected results

Having a second checkmark in Config/Look&Feel to allow switching from horizontal to vertical view plus a checkmark for either placing the embedded mail view in the middle between folder list and mail list per folder or on the right beneath mail list. a) |Folder list|Mail preview|Mail list| or b) |Folder list|Mail list|Mail preview|

#567 Implement an account setup wizard TCP/IP interface YAM future release task Jun 2, 2014


It has been mentioned quite often that setting up a new account in YAM is too complicated due to its amount of adjustable options.

Background analysis

Mail clients on other systems offer a setup wizard where you just have to enter your name, email address and password and the mail client will obtain all the other settings (i.e. POP3 and SMTP server name, port number, security settings, etc) automatically so that the (possibly unexperienced) user has to care about as less stuff as possible.

Implementation recommendation

Implement a setup wizard similar to the one of Thunderbird. The "beginners" mode just requires the basic things like name, address and password. A possible "advanced" mode then offers editing some more details like server address, port number, etc just like the normal config window does.

#427 PGP Problem when sending Mail PGP/GPG encryption YAM future release bug Sep 20, 2013

Description: Tried PGP with YAM on A4000T / OS3.9 / 68060 / YAM2.8p1 After editing a mail and choosing sign/encrypt I receive the message (when trying to send) : Error trying to add the file "RamDisk:T/YAMtxxxx.asc" The file definetly doesnt exist in ram:t so the encrypted part cannot be sent. The mail is send without it.

On my MorphOS pc it goes to high CPU Usage and freezes.

#322 UpdateCheck mechanism should allow to also directly install updates installation YAM future release task Jun 3, 2012


To finalize the UpdateCheck mechanism it should be possible to not only download the latest update archive directly. It should also be possible to install the update right away seeing YAM being closed, the updated files/binaries updated and then YAM being restarted to finalize the update.

Background analysis

While for a simple updatecheck mechanism downloading the update lha archive might be enough a better approach would be if the update could also be automatically installed instead of just downloading the archive and relying on the user to install the update properly. Several major problems with that approach seem to prevent the implementation however:

  1. We have to find a way to close YAM remotely (e.g. via ARexx) and restart it after the files from the update archive were installed.
  2. We have to standardize the update archive to also be able to handle larger update jumps (e.g. if a YAM 2.8 user want to update to YAM 3.0 directly without having to install 2.9 first)
  3. We have to take care not to overwrite files that have been changed by the user (e.g. by using md5sum or similar)
  4. How should third-party updates (e.g. mcc classes, etc.) be treated?

Implementation recommendation

An ideal implementation would present an "Install Update" button instead of "Download" in the update notification window. If the user presses this button YAM will be closed, the update installed (possibility non-interactive, with creating backups, etc.) and afterwards YAM being restarted to finalize the update.

#319 Complete overhaul of global configuration implementation configuration YAM future release task Jun 3, 2012


The current configuration soley relies on a global "struct Config" structure which is directly accessed from throughout the whole YAM source code. This has several drawbacks and should be completely changed.

Background analysis

First of all the current configuration source code (including the GUI part) should be changed into an internal MUI custom class (using GenClasses). Then struct Config should be abadoned and instead accessor and mutator functions be added to retrieve and set the values of a certain config option (e.g. via string-based config option names). Furthermore, the configuration structure should carry information about the type (boolean, integer, string, etc.) of the variable so that the Load and Save config function can interate through this structure getting rid of the tons of "else if()" branches currently implemented in YAM_COs.c.

Implementation recommendation

Take care of:

  • Custom classes
  • Hash tables uses
  • Black box approach

#318 Add "Quick-Reply" feature to read window (readmailgroup) user interface YAM future release task Jun 3, 2012


It would be favourable if the read window would have a "Quick-Reply" possibility where the user could quickly enter some multi-line text and press "Send" to send out a direct reply to the currently displayed mail. This would allow to send a reply without having to open a full write window, etc.

Implementation recommendation

A small TextEditor.mcc object have to be added on demand to the bottom of the read window for that purpose with two buttons "Send" and "Cancel". The original text should be quoted in there like in a normal write window reply action. But no attachment possibility presented.

#312 Investigate possibility to use sqlite for mail indexing/storing mail indexing YAM future release task Jun 3, 2012


Currently YAM saves each mail in a separate file using an index file to quickly find mail throughout the filesystem. It might be, however, a better approach to use perhaps an SQL based approach (e.g. using 'sqlite').

Background analysis

On AmiNET there exists an amiga port of sqlite 3.6.1 (http://aminet.net/package/biz/dbase/sqlite-3.6.1-amiga) which might be a good basis for a test.

Implementation recommendation

A prototype have to be created where several thousands emails should be stored and indexed in a basic SQL database using sqlite. Performance tests against the current solution should be made and based on these performance tests the prototype should be converted into code usable for YAM (or not).

#267 Mark E-Mails with different priority user interface YAM future release enhancement Jul 15, 2011

Mark E-Mails with different priority


YAM has only one level of mark an E-Mail (on or off)


YAM change the Filename and add an "M" if the mail is marked.

Enhancement recommendation

It should be easy to change that to different levels. E.g. all mails which are already marked get Priority 0. All future mails could get an M1...M9 into the filename to differentiate the levels. The level could be displayed with a picture like now but with a number into the picture. The mark menu should get an sub menu for the different levels. What do you think about that?

#142 Hidden config editor in YAM configuration GUI user interface YAM future release task Mar 12, 2010

To allow users to edit the hidden (expert) configuration options from within the YAM configuration GUI a possibility should be provided to do that with graphical elements. Instead of providing graphical elements for each single hidden option a generic config edit can be provided by simply putting a listview in the config GUI which carries columns for the name, a description and the value. Then this entry could be editable.

However, as soon as a user would like to open that config edit tool a warning requester should be presented. This functionality would more or less work similar to what Thunderbird or Firefox provides when editing "about:config".

#137 Replace flex-based scanner with re2c based one MIME handling YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

There seems to be a new, faster and easier scanner engine out there which looks quite promising. Even the PHP people seem to have switched from a flex-based scanner to a re2c based one. Therefore it might be worth a look.

See here for more information: http://re2c.org/

It also supports the CONDITION support which we are using in our flex-based scanners, thus it should be relatively easy to use re2c instead of flex ;)

#135 Rework internal Error handler (window) to be a notification agent user interface YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

The Error handling mechanism (e.g. ER_NewError(), YAM_ER.c) should be reworked to achieve the following things:

  1. Introduce a difference between "Errors" and "Warnings" so that YAM might notify the user of things that are of minor priority (e.g. images missing, decoding failure of main mail part, etc.)
  2. Rename the whole Error mechanism into a more general "Notification" service/agent thingy.
  3. The notification/error window should be changed to contain two areas to present the pending notifications: On the left side a listview with the summary of the pending notifications. On the right a floattext object with the actual message of the notification.
  4. Warnings/Errors should be directly differentated via graphical images in the listview. Pending notifications should be bold.
  5. Add a functionality to send notifications that won't automatically popup the notification window but show a sign (e.g. in the window bar of YAM) in case minor warnings are shown.

#134 Add "Stop" Toolbar button which aborts e.g. filtering user interface YAM 2.10 task Mar 6, 2010

As soon as we have implemented the user-definable toolbars we ought to add a "Stop" toolbar button in case there is some action in progress which might be able to be aborted (e.g. filtering, index scanning etc.)

#132 Implement a stronger password encryption mechanisms user interface YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

YAM should be changed to use a significantly improved password encryption mechanism. Currently, the passwords in all config files are more or less unencrypted (almost no real encryption). Idially YAM should get a master/slave password mechanism similar to what is implemented in Thunderbird. That means, all passwords and sensitive information in the config files will be encrypted with a master password that is stored in a separate file.

#130 S/MIME support MIME handling YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

Besides the wanted GnuPG support for signing/encrypting messages, a future version of YAM should also probably consider implementing S/MIME. The current uptodate RFC for S/MIME can be found here:


Mailers like Thunderbird already support S/MIME and it seems together with AmiSSL such an S/MIME functionality can be implemented quite straight forward.

#126 HTML read mail support user interface YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

A direct HTML reading engine should be integrated/used in YAM instead of only converting HTML mails to plain text via our own HTML2text engine.

In fact, such a feature should use a third-party MCC like htmlview.mcc or any otehr appropriate HTML viewing engine. However, especially for using htmlview.mcc, further porting/work on that component itself have to be done before we can consider using it as our HTML reading engine in YAM.

Also with that change we should take care not to generally use that HTML viewing engine but allow the user to select how he wants to view HTML mails and if we need that HTML reading engine at all.

#125 Completly reworked address book GUI addressbook YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

The addressbook itself needs a completly rework GUI as in its current form it is very hard to use it on a daily basis. It should be reworked to allow for entering all kind of information on a more uptodate state (like in Thunderbird) such that e.g. all LDIF information can be more properly be fit in.

In addition, the maintainer of that task should care about compatibility to CManager and try to use the CManager MCC instead of reinventing the wheel once again. That means, it should be first tested if CManager can replace our own addressbook implementation even if that means that work on CManager should be done instead.

#124 Rework/Improvement of mailing-list functionality configuration YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

The current mailing-list feature of YAM is more than just plainly useless and unintuitive. Currently a user has to configure a mailing list by creating a new folder and configuring the mailing list settings in the folder settings. This, however, seems to be somewhat awkward and not very intuitive and cumbersome.

Proposed change

A possible change/improvement could be:

  • move the folder-wise mailing list configuration to the global YAM config window (own section)
  • a user should be able to configure a mailing list in the YAM config using the following settings:
    1. configure mailing list address (To)
    2. configure if a mailing list sets a Reply-To: header or not (important for proper Mail-Reply-To support).
    3. set an optional destination folder where incoming mails should be moved to (this should generate hidden filter rules to move the mail to that folder based on To, etc. address)
    4. allow to setup the above settings semi-automatically like currently possible in the folder settings.
  • the Mail-Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To features should respect these new configuration settings.
  • the mailing-list To-addresses should be suggested when creating a new mail and entering something in the To recipient gadget
  • when starting to create a new mail while being in a folder linked to a particular mailing list the write window should immediately contain the To address of that mailing list in the To recipient gadget.

#123 User-definable context menus user interface YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

All context menus should be user configurable. That means, user should be able to configure which menu items to link to a context menu in case the right mouse button is pressed on e.g. a mail item.

#122 User-definable toolbars user interface YAM future release task Mar 6, 2010

Now that since YAM 2.5 is using TheBar.mcc, the configuration of YAM should allow each user to define which toolbar buttons to display and which to hide. And of course also in which order they should be displayed.

#113 Filter by categories, address book lists, groups mail filtering YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

Mail filters could support "group" as selectable. This would mean that I could filter mails from certain people belonging to a named group in my address book in the same folder. This gets useful e.g. if different people are talking about similar subjects but without using a mailing-list. It would also make setting filters much easier instead of defining a new filter for every person/subject/whatsoever by just tearing the person into the address book group. Think of special folders for collecting all kind of invioces into one folder, newsletters or mails from your financial institutes, others for everything related to your career (applications and such) and yet others for all friends. So when a sender is contained in one of those groups all mails by him go to the defined folder.

Moved from SF:

#110 ARexx - FOLDERNEW ARexx interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

There are already many ARexx commands to manipulate mails and contact addresses, but no much yet for folders.

I suggest to implement FOLDERNEW as a start to allow to create a new folder from ARexx scripts.

Moved from SF:

#107 ARexx - MAILIMPORT / MAILEXPORT : return FILENAME ARexx interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

This feature has already been partially discussed, but the issue is still a blocker problem for me: I can't operate on freshly imported mails because I found no way to identify those mails.

My suggestion is to allow the MAILIMPORT to return:

  • the INDEX of the last imported mail,
  • VAR/K as alternative variable for result,
  • <STEM>COUNT : number of imported mails <STEM>NR : the INDEX of the imported mail where NR is a value between 0 and COUNT-1

The same extension could be implemented to MAILEXPORT as well, as it can help, for example, to delete or change status of exported mails.

Moved from SF:

#102 Add email phishing campaigns detection SPAM filter engine YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

Would it be possible to add google anti email phishing support in YAM. For example when such an email is opened (either in standalone window, or in preview pane) before displaying anything (i.e. at the same time email decoding is done, or just before) a warning could be emitted letting the user to either choose to continue or cancel the view.

Google's anti-phishing-email is at : http://code.google.com/p/anti-phishing-email-reply/

Moved from SF:

#99 Enhancement for Finding messages mail filtering YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

In the "Search in" popup there are a number of options, the first six being in bold type to indicate these headerss are indexed.

Currently there is no option to search for your term in all of the indexed headers only. Although there is a "Message headers" option, this means every message needs to be searched which is very time consuming with a very large collection of messages.

It would be very useful to add a "Indexed message headers" option and change the current Message headers item to "All message headers" to clearly differentiate. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to place the "Indexed message headers" option below the bolded header options too, and "All message headers" below that.

Moved from SF:

#98 Add support for .fimage_new and global .fimage user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

As I understand the docs, the only way to have custom images for cumstom folders is to images files into each folder named .fimage. Now I wonder, could there be support for a .fimage_new file, too?

Second, could there be a .fimage places in themes/folder which would be used for every custom folder, that has no own .fimage, making it a def_.fimage ;-)

Moved from SF:

#95 Add a display delay for crsr-scrolling in folderlist user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

How about adding a (settable) delay similar for mail-viewing, when scrolling up/down in the folderlist. So this is more fluent and the content/maillist is not updated/shown immediately.

Moved from SF:

#91 Send mail in outoing folder mail filtering YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

When I have mails in outgoing folder they will not send until I hit the button 'send'. This is annoying when you have filters running and have to hit everytime the send button.

Therefore I would like to have the option to send mails in outgoing folder after YAM checked for new mails.

Also a notice when you send a single mail and hit 'send now' that there are still messages for send in the outgoing folder.

Moved from SF:

#89 RFC-2369 compliant reply-to-list feature MIME handling YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

I would like to see a RFC-2369 compliant reply to list feature for mailinglists


Moved from SF:

#77 GnuPG support in YAM PGP/GPG encryption YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

Security and own Privacy gets more important every day.

Yam should support GnuPG native. http://www.gnupg.org/ PGP on Amiga is quite outdated.

GnuPG support would add up to date PGP support to YAM in an easy way.

There exsits ports for the amiga os/morphos etc.

Shouldnt be to much work as i guess its not to much more then other options calling the gnupg executable.

Moved from SF:

#75 Mailing list feature to clone a thread to avoid "hijacking" user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

It would be nice to have a feature that allows you to start a new mail without References: headers and similar but still to the same mailing list that you are currently browsing. The To: field should be pre-filled and an option to include the text or not from the current mail should be available.

Moved from SF:

#74 Implement format=flowed support! MIME handling YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

To solve long standing problems like the errorneous ">From" quoting due to procmail and to be more future conform to other modern clients and implementation of the text/plain format=flowed is required. YAM would definitly benefit out of that, however some modifications to TextEditor.mcc might be require to make that new feature possible. So it might be a bigger job... However, here is the link to the RFC explaining the format=flowed mechanism:


Moved from SF:

#69 Add possibility to edit adressbook of current mail addressbook YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

Right now it is only possible to send the data from the current mail to the addressbook. It would be nice if there was a quick way to change the data in the adressbook if there was already and entry for the current sender. So maybe "send to addressbook" could be renamed to "edit..." and if you click it, the sender is unknown and new record will be opened if the sender is know his/her record is opened, so the user can edit it.

Alternatively you could also have a separate feature for this. But maybe making the current more intelligent would be smoother. :)

Moved from SF:

#64 Easy access to toggle embedded pane user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

Add an option to toggle the embedded pane on/off, which is easily accessable. Original suggestion was for the toolbar, but you mentioned the context menus which would also work :)

Moved from SF:

#59 Support MIME-specific save-dir configuration YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

A global save-dir is ok, but nicer would be a "local" one, ie. have dirs set for each MIME-type. So one could have stuff saved directely where it belongs to. E.g. IBrowse does have this with its download-dir. Very cool! Every app should have it this was. ;) In addition a little checkmark/option "open requester" could be added. If checked the user can still change the dir for each case.

Moved from SF:

#58 Printing refinement user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

At the Moment Yam has a number of printing options. I wonder whether the printing of 'plain text' could include the message headers, as in the printing of 'displayed text' or whether another option can be included 'plain text with headers'.

For archival purposes it is useful to be able to print out the message, 'displayed text' can include lengthy html, whereas 'plain text' dies not include the necessary header information.

Moved from SF:

#57 mail list => threaded listtree user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

Could you please change the mails to be listed an a threaded hierachical listtree ?

Showing the emial with nlisttree will highly increase the overview. This will make YAM much more powerfull when reading mailings lists for example.

Moved from SF:

#56 individual folder group icons user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

I want to identify my folder groups by icons, one for friends, one for Amiga related stuff, one for service and so on. Changing the icons in YAM:Icons works to alter all the groups icons to the same new one, but when I have a folder group e.g. "Friends" and an icon "Folder_Friends" this one is not taken as the group icon. It is just ignored. Could not find this in the ChangeLog to be an existing feature so I desire it to become a new one.

Moved from SF:

#51 Allow folders icon (.fimage) management in folder properties user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 4, 2010

Allow folders' icon management (add, remove, modify, cut, paste) in the folder settings window.

Moved from SF:

#37 Support of IMAP4 TCP/IP interface YAM 3.0 enhancement Mar 3, 2010

All in title...

Moved from SF:

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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#43 Filters' scope mail filtering YAM future release enhancement Mar 3, 2010

Would modify the filters system for the scope (work only specific accounts)? Example: I have the account 1, 2 and 3... I would like to define some filters as global (works with the three accounts) and others local (works only with the accounts defined by the user: with the first account, with the first and third, etc). I think what this would increase the speed for the filtering process and the filters would be more accurate :)

Moved from SF:

#38 New 'On double click of attachment' event ARexx interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 3, 2010

It would be could if a new ARexx event could be added something along the lines of "On double click of attachment".

This would tell us which attachement was clicked we could then do as we please and by setting a return result either YAM continued as normal or nothing happens.


With this we could write a script that detects a double click of HTML file saves all the additional pictures etc somewhere, manally saves the HTML and then manually launches a viewer.

The reason for the "stopping" YAM from launching aviewer is because I have no viewers apart from Multiview set-up in YAM and I would like t be able to keep it this way.

Moved from SF:

#36 use .config to select .addressbook configuration YAM future release enhancement Mar 3, 2010

Currently there is no way to specify the file location for the .addressbook file. It default to .YAM (or If I read the code correctly the "MailDir".

If it is placed in the .config file, users can have separate address books.

In my case, I want to store the data separate from the program files. The adress book defaults in YAM: and I have two separate user directories for the configuration files.

Moved from SF:

#34 Attach 'Scripts' menu to read/write window user interface YAM future release enhancement Mar 3, 2010

It would be very useful if the Scripts menu was attached to the Read window and Write window s well as just the main Yam window. Quite a few scripts (eg spellchecking) need the write window to be open to run but you cannot run the script without first selecting Yam's main window.

An even better solution - that would involve more work - and more Config options, would be to have a different Scripts menu for the Main, Read and Write windows.

Moved from SF:

#33 Additional feature for "Max. age" mail filtering YAM future release enhancement Mar 3, 2010

It would be nice to have a feature added to the "Max. age" in the folder configuration, that made it possible to move old mail to another folder (on a per-folder basis) instead of just deleting it.

Moved from SF:

#30 Avoid folder corruption by updating more often mail indexing YAM future release enhancement Mar 3, 2010

I wonder, if YAM couldn't update the folders more often, ie. after POP, deleting mail... This way the folders would be less corrupted and the necessary rescan on startup would be reduced.

Moved from SF:

#17 Don't just remove "two-chars:" on reply user interface YAM 2.10 enhancement Mar 3, 2010

I think it is not nice that YAM removes any "two chars and colon"-strings on reply from the subject. E.g. a subject starting with "OT:" should keep this string. Or try to send a MAC-Addresse like "AB:CE:1A:0F" and see what's left of it. :-)

Moved from SF:

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