This will be the next major release version after the 2.9 version including new enhancements and important bugfixes.

Ticket Type Status Resolution Priority Summary
#17 enhancement accepted low Don't just remove "two-chars:" on reply
#134 task accepted normal Add "Stop" Toolbar button which aborts e.g. filtering
#246 enhancement accepted low Embedded mail pane to be displayed vertically
#464 task new high Restructure folder tree loading process
#518 enhancement new normal Rework the removal of attachments
#530 bug accepted high Initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session error during "GetMail"
#583 task new high IMAP 'download' support
#600 bug new normal in html files sent as attachments, non-breaking-spaces (typed in with alt_space) are transformed
#603 bug accepted normal Error validating server certificate for ''
#554 bug closed worksforme normal ClearFolderMails crash
#569 bug closed worksforme normal Editing/saving address book sometimes corrupts it
#572 bug closed worksforme normal "Delete/Remove" old mails on quit - not working on *first* quit
#575 bug closed duplicate normal I am getting a message about failing to initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 when I try to get mail
#595 bug closed duplicate normal DSI error when trying to save a new signature
#604 bug closed duplicate normal Error message, can't use YAM anymore
#544 enhancement closed wontfix normal Allow the internal update mechanism to "Check on startup"
#579 bug closed invalid normal Send later and sending keeps the original email in the Outgoing folder
#585 bug closed invalid normal The execution of the command 'SYS:Utilities/Multiview "RAM Disk:T/1-YAMm000000b5-p1.1' failed (error code 120: argument line invalid or too long). (09/25/2014 11:58 PM)
#588 bug closed invalid normal DSI error when try to reopen YAM from its mailbox appicon
#592 bug closed invalid normal Wrong caracters in text
#613 bug closed invalid normal Wrong command execute when clicking on html
#50 enhancement closed fixed normal Allow duplicate folder name creation and use
#73 enhancement closed fixed low Support multiple attachments d&d
#383 enhancement closed fixed normal Better support for editing redirected mails in the Drafts folder
#526 bug closed fixed low Crash setting a different blinkspeed in TextEditor
#529 enhancement closed fixed normal Writing/edit message behaviour (lines, wrap, paragraph)
#538 bug closed fixed normal Send mails works only when "outgoing" folder is active
#545 bug closed fixed normal Crash in Configuration/Signature
#548 task closed fixed low Make sure to flush a catalog from memory in case old version is found.
#549 bug closed fixed normal Installation script error
#550 enhancement closed fixed normal mention the used filter in the logfile
#551 bug closed fixed normal wrong icon info file in archive for 2.9p1 (os4)
#552 bug closed fixed undecided YAM failed returncode 10
#553 bug closed fixed normal click on a http link does cut off some characters
#555 bug closed fixed undecided Problem with some reply address, when i try reply
#556 bug closed fixed normal RMB click on "Papierkorb leeren" in folder listing leads to crash
#557 bug closed fixed normal HTML preview accents not correctly shown
#558 bug closed fixed undecided to much mails shown in the logfile
#559 bug closed fixed high Couldn't initialize TLSv1/SSLv3 session with host ''
#561 bug closed fixed normal automatic mail check not working in nightly?!
#562 enhancement closed fixed normal Please no Passwords in Logfiles
#563 enhancement closed fixed normal Use a mail's receive date instead of the compose date when deleting old mails
#564 enhancement closed fixed normal Save configuration without passwords
#571 bug closed fixed normal Edit signature in external editor DSI
#577 bug closed fixed normal Fetching mails only on second step
#582 bug closed fixed normal 2.10-dev-20140827 crash at startup
#586 bug closed fixed low YAM 2.10-dev (30-09-2014) shows GR on TCP/IP prefs.
#590 bug closed fixed normal Crash when clicking on Start while the email list is being retrieved
#591 bug closed fixed normal using the docky to close yam does not work
#598 bug closed fixed normal The help menu generates URL's in which a string "<EMPTY>en:" is introduced under OS4.1FE and YAM2.10dev 26/02/2015
#605 bug closed fixed normal YAM crashes when hitting "clear warning" under TCP/IP
#606 bug closed fixed normal YAM generates error message
#608 bug closed fixed normal YAM crashes when OS detects DST change
#609 bug closed fixed normal CC parser adds wrong address if given address is broken
#612 bug closed fixed normal Attachment reminder not properly erased/drawn
#615 bug closed fixed normal Crash when displaying a picture from a draft email

This milestone exists to signal and remind that as soon as proper IMAP support have been implemented we should consider bumping the version to 3.0 because many things might have changed internally which would make such a major version bump valid.

Pool of tickets which are going to be implemented in one of the next releases of YAM.

The tickets in this milestone have the endorsement of the YAM developers:

  • their priority is a rough indicator of the schedule, from highest (soon) to lowest (long term goal)
  • their severity is an indicator of the impact of the ticket on YAM

As soon as a new release milestone is planned (YAM X.X) tickets will be moved from here to the new target milestone to define which tickets need to be closed until a release can be performed.

Ticket Type Status Resolution Priority Summary
#30 enhancement accepted normal Avoid folder corruption by updating more often
#33 enhancement accepted low Additional feature for "Max. age"
#34 enhancement accepted low Attach 'Scripts' menu to read/write window
#36 enhancement accepted low use .config to select .addressbook
#38 enhancement accepted low New 'On double click of attachment' event
#43 enhancement accepted low Filters' scope
#51 enhancement accepted low Allow folders icon (.fimage) management in folder properties
#56 enhancement accepted low individual folder group icons
#57 enhancement accepted high mail list => threaded listtree
#58 enhancement accepted low Printing refinement
#59 enhancement accepted low Support MIME-specific save-dir
#64 enhancement accepted low Easy access to toggle embedded pane
#69 enhancement accepted low Add possibility to edit adressbook of current mail
#74 enhancement accepted normal Implement format=flowed support!
#75 enhancement accepted low Mailing list feature to clone a thread to avoid "hijacking"
#77 enhancement accepted low GnuPG support in YAM
#89 enhancement accepted normal RFC-2369 compliant reply-to-list feature
#91 enhancement accepted low Send mail in outoing folder
#95 enhancement accepted normal Add a display delay for crsr-scrolling in folderlist
#98 enhancement accepted low Add support for .fimage_new and global .fimage
#99 enhancement accepted low Enhancement for Finding messages
#102 enhancement accepted low Add email phishing campaigns detection
#107 enhancement accepted undecided ARexx - MAILIMPORT / MAILEXPORT : return FILENAME
#110 enhancement accepted low ARexx - FOLDERNEW
#113 enhancement accepted normal Filter by categories, address book lists, groups
#122 task accepted normal User-definable toolbars
#123 task accepted low User-definable context menus
#124 task accepted high Rework/Improvement of mailing-list functionality
#125 task accepted low Completly reworked address book GUI
#126 task accepted normal HTML read mail support
#130 task accepted normal S/MIME support
#132 task accepted normal Implement a stronger password encryption mechanisms
#135 task accepted low Rework internal Error handler (window) to be a notification agent
#137 task accepted low Replace flex-based scanner with re2c based one
#142 task accepted low Hidden config editor in YAM configuration GUI
#267 enhancement accepted low Mark E-Mails with different priority
#293 bug accepted low Remove selection/highlight in "found"-list when mail is deleted
#312 task accepted low Investigate possibility to use sqlite for mail indexing/storing
#318 task accepted normal Add "Quick-Reply" feature to read window (readmailgroup)
#319 task accepted normal Complete overhaul of global configuration implementation
#322 task accepted low UpdateCheck mechanism should allow to also directly install updates
#399 enhancement accepted low Progress bar (uploading/downloading mail) in YAM's main window
#411 enhancement new low How about toggable status icons
#427 bug accepted normal PGP Problem when sending Mail
#432 bug reopened low Accents not show correctly in mails
#465 enhancement new low Switch image file handling to guigfx.library
#467 task new low Change build environment to use 'cmake'
#473 enhancement new low Remove the "Read" button from the main window's toolbar
#567 task accepted normal Implement an account setup wizard
#522 enhancement closed invalid low Add possibility to directly specify the window number in READINFO&Co

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