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Feb 3, 2013, 3:40:28 PM (3 years ago)

After investigation this ticket I think you are perfectly right in complaining that YAM doesn't display the actual time corrected to your timezone that was effective at the time the mail has been sent. As it stands let me summarize the problem as followed:

  1. You receive a mail written in summer time (DST) at e.g. 09:00:00 CEST (+0200).
  2. When you receive and view it at the same day also 09:00:00 is displayed which is perfectly correct.
  3. Lets assume now some time passed and it is winter time now which is actually CET (+0100).
  4. If you view the mail again YAM will identify that the mail in question was written in CEST (+0200) while the current timezone ist CET (+0100). Thus it will substract one hour and display it as 08:00:00 in the main mail listview.
  5. However, thinking about that matter this is incorrect as a user is interested to know what the time actually was in the past relative to his current timezone.

But to actually fix the problem there arises the problem that yam have to be able to actually know which timezone (CEST vs CET) was affective at a certain date in the past. Thus, we have to have a function to which you supply a date and it will output that at that date it was either +0100 (CET) or +0200 (CEST). Another problem is that daylight saving times tend to change in the future (politically driven) which requires not have something hardcoded by to use a kind of functionality to even correctly query in the future at which date daylight saving was in effect or not (just in case a country changes their rules).

Nevertheless, I count this issue a highly important thing as the current situation is really incorrect and just confuses users as it is correctly outlined by the authors of this ticket. Thus, I will assign it to the next release and give it some priority instead of just for a future release. So lets discuss how we can correctly fix the issue.


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