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    initial v4  
    1 The current mailing-list feature of YAM is more than just plainly useless. We need to completly rework and even rethink on how to implement it properly and in a more general and intuitive fashion. In fact, each folder should be configurable and linkable to a future user identity and it should be allowed to define default SMTP/signature, etc. settings on a per folder basis.
     1The current mailing-list feature of YAM is more than just plainly useless and unintuitive. Currently a user has to configure a mailing list by creating a new folder and configuring the mailing list settings in the folder settings. This, however, seems to be somewhat awkward and not very intuitive and cumbersome.
     3== Proposed change ==
     4A possible change/improvement could be:
     5  * move the folder-wise mailing list configuration to the global YAM config window (own section)
     6  * a user should be able to configure a mailing list in the YAM config using the following settings:
     7    1. configure mailing list address (To)
     8    2. configure if a mailing list sets a Reply-To: header or not (important for proper Mail-Reply-To support).
     9    3. set an optional destination folder where incoming mails should be moved to (this should generate hidden filter rules to move the mail to that folder based on To, etc. address)
     10    4. allow to setup the above settings semi-automatically like currently possible in the folder settings.
     11  * the Mail-Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To features should respect these new configuration settings.
     12  * the mailing-list To-addresses should be suggested when creating a new mail and entering something in the To recipient gadget
     13  * when starting to create a new mail while being in a folder linked to a particular mailing list the write window should immediately contain the To address of that mailing list in the To recipient gadget.

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