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Dec 18, 2010, 8:34:12 PM (5 years ago)

While reading this ticket again I asked myself the question if loading a flushed/not yet loaded index is really that "expensive" in terms of memory and time that YAM has to ask the user about this.

When outdated mails are to be deleted automatically there is also no question whether to load an index or not. It is loaded to determine which mails are too old and which have to be kept. No matter what.

Since YAM will flush recently unused indices automatically this ticket becomes even worse, because if YAM loaded all indices on startup this might be no longer true after i.e. 30 minutes. YAM also doesn't ask whether to load an index or not if the user changes the current folder. The index will be loaded, because it is needed then.

So my suggestion is to drop that question completely and simply perform the search on all folders. Sooner or later YAM must be able to keep all indices in memory, even if that is for a short time only. And since indices will be flushed automatically there is no reason not to load the indices automatically without acknowledgement from my point of view.

Any objections if we remove that question completely?


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